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My Toy

1. What are the special days celebrated in your country?

There are many special days celebrated in my country. Such as Tet holiday, beginning from January the first on the Lunar Calendar National holiday, Septemper the second
Independence day, April 30th

2. Which is your favourite and why?

I like Tet holiday the most because I can meet my cosins, relatives, friends who live far away. People get together to eat, drink, and entertain themselves . I also receive “lucky money” in red envelopes. Besides, I take part in many traditional customs with my family such as cooking sticky rice cake, playing tug of war, going to pagoda to wish good things for my family. And I can hang out with my friends and don’t worry about anything.

3. What do you think is the most important festival in your country?

Tet holiday is the most important festival for Vietnamese people. It’s the start of a new year and the Vietnamese feel that having a good start is essential to having a good year.These are funny and happy days that people prepare and welcome the new year together. In addition, it is a wonderful occasion for Vietnamese families to reunite and remember their ancestors. 4. In what way do people celebrate the festival?

Most people start to clean and decorate their houses from top to bottom a week or two before the Lunar New Year . It is a common belief that cleaning the house will get rid of bad fortunes associated with the old year. Some people paint their houses to start a new year with lucky things and decorate with festive items . Besides, people are also busy shopping to buy new clothes for themselves, and their children a month prior to the New Year. 5. Do people prepare any special food for the occasions?

Food plays a major role in the Tet holiday. Some typical Tet’s foods are sweets, coconut jam, fruit candies, melon seeds, stew pork with eggs, and especially sticky rice cake. Tet meals are usually bigger and more delicious than our daily ones.

6. Which do people prefer to spend with family or with friends?

Usually people prefer to spend time with their family because Tet holiday is the time for family and indeed the only time of the year when the whole family gather together

7. How did people celebrate the festival in the past?

In the past, one or two days before Tet, every family prepares and cooks Banh Chung around a warm fire. It is also the time for parents to tell their children folklore stories. Nowadays, families which live in villages still maitain making Banh Chung before New Years but the people in the city do not. They don’t have time and prefer to buy it. Besides, many families also light firecrackers and fireworks to celebrate, but now this custom has changed because it is illegal in our country.

8. How has the way been changed and why?

Nowadays , firecrackers are illegal in our country. So this tradition has changed. Some people even prefer to take a holiday instead of going back to their parents’s home to spend Tet holiday. And, some rich of families, aren’t excited to buy clothes for the New Year because they buy their all year around. And, some traditional food such as sticky rice cakes are often bought as a department store in the supermaket, maket instead of being cook at home because they are quite busy with their work, even they have no time to clean and decorate their house.

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