My Time of the Year Essay

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My Time of the Year

People have their favorite season whether it is winter, spring, summer, or autumn. Out of those four seasons my favorite season is summer. Even though the temperatures can be outrageously ridiculous hot, I still enjoy the hot sun. Going to the beach is one of my favorite thing to do during the summer. After looking for parking at Huntington Beach for about an hour, I try to find the perfect spot through the crowded beach to lay my towel down. “I found the spot. ” The tan-gray sand is somewhat dry but also a little damp.

I throw my blue-green towel on the sand. I bend down to sit on the towel, but before I lay down I put sun-tanning spray all over my body so I can sunbathe. As soon as I finish putting on the sun-tanning spray, I lie down and put on my sunglasses. But now I think to myself “Should I put on my earphones? Or should I listen to the crashing waves, the seagulls squawking and the people complaining that there is sand on their sandwiches. I think that I will listen to my iPod instead. Now that I have decided to listen to my iPod, I put the headphones in my ear and choose the music I want to listen to. I am in the mood to listen to Kutless, a Christian rock band.

While I lay on the beach, I can feel the Vitamin E being soaked into my skin. I feel my body getting hotter than usual, similar to a turkey getting out of the oven on Thanksgiving Day. The heat is telling my body that one side is being done of tanning. Once my front side is done tanning I turn to my backside and I do the same thing I did with my front side.

When I feel my backside is getting hot as well, I am done sunbathing. Before I leave the beach I dust off my towel, roll it up and pick up anything that got thrown on the sand. I pack up my suntan spray, my towel, my iPod, and my sunglasses. I try to remember where I parked. Once I found my car I put my things in the back seat, get in the driver’s side, put my seatbelt on, turn on the car, turn the radio up, and drive home. Summer may not be a lot of people’s favorite time of the year, but I know that it is my time of the year.

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