My Thoughts About Sex

Sex is fun, the feeling, the building sensation as you reach your climax point but it stops there. Now I’m not a big fan of falling in love to later be hurt. I’ve experienced that first hand, I’ve spent an endless number of nights up on the phone with friends crying about “putting my all into someone to be stabbed in the back.” I’d take that over sex any day. With sex, there no urge to get to know the person, the chemistry is missing, and sex is more of a physical urge.

I rather fall in love then to have mindless sex. Firstly, having sex with random people seems to be the newest trend I have no idea why.

What happened to talking to someone for a little while before offering to send a picture of your private parts. What about you make love with a person you trust and know especially if you’ve known the guy or the girl for a long time, but when it comes to sex this is not the case when you have sex with anyone and even if you don’t really know the person.

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It seems people are more interested in just having a convenient “quickie” or “Friend with benefits” around. One night stands show the same thing. You meet some, you talk for a while when you’re out on the town and then later messing around at your house or hotel for them to leave and never heard from again or in some cases a few more times after if it was good enough.

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There no spark. Where is the chemistry? I remember meeting a guy, talk to him and get those butterflies while talking to him or even at the mention of his name. There’s the going on dates, being silly and getting to know their dreams, goals and what makes them happy and growing a relationship with someone that is missed with sex, in sex you lose the lust to know a person beyond what everyone else sees. You no longer see a necessary purpose to bond with a person. The need to share chemistry or emotional bonding with some is gone. The bond not needed in sex and it is basically to satisfy your physical needs and lust. Sex itself eventually becomes more of a physical urge to release built up stress and tension. Sex is purely physical lust and is opportunity based.

Once a person gets an opportunity to have physical relations, it falls into the category of sex and emotions are missing from this act. It eventually becomes you two are around each other only with the urge to have sex, your unable to sit and have an intellectual conversation or just enjoy each other’s company without the need for sexual interaction. After Experiencing a “friend with benefit” situation. I decided that I wasn’t going to do it anymore I missed the relationship aspect of things. The going on dates, hanging out spending endless hours just talk and even the petty arguments. So, I called my “friend with benefits and told them I couldn’t do this anymore it’s not for me I want a relationship that is solid and is going somewhere.

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