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my SWOT Essay


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London Biscuits BHD

Quantitative analyses of financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Sources of Capital), extensive ratio tables (Accounting, Asset Utilization, Employee Efficiency, Fixed Charges Coverage, Leverage Analysis, Liquidity Analysis, Per-share Data and Profitability Analysis) and proprietary Wright Quality Rating analyses tables. The Wright Quality Rating, a measure of corporate risk, examines the liquidity of the stock, financial strength, profitability and corporate growth characteristics of London Biscuits BHD. There is a textual review of the financial results of London Biscuits BHD versus Cocoaland Holdings Bhd, Apollo Food Holdings Berhad and Teck Guan Perdana Berhad.

The comparative analysis of these companies compares Sales (sales, sales growth and sales per employee), Company Valuations (Price/Earnings, Price/Book, Price/Sales and 52-Week Price Change) and Financial Position (Long-term Debt/Equity). Also included for London Biscuits BHD are the Company Description, Recent Stock Performance, Profitability Analysis, Dividend Analysis, and Key Data Items (Ticker, Major Industry, Sub-Industry, Fiscal Year End Month, Employees, Share Type, Market Capitalization, Total Shares Outstanding and Number of Closely Held Shares.

) Additional research for London Biscuits BHDincludes tables with up to 10-years of history of computed ratios, sales, earnings, and security prices.


This product typically includes the following sections:
Company Fundamentals
– Company Profile
– Comparative Business Analysis
– Summary Analysis per Share
– Sales Analysis
– Price Analysis
– Earnings and Dividends Analysis
Financial Statement Analyses
– Balance Sheet – Common Size
– Balance Sheet – Year-Year Percent Change
– Balance Sheet – Five-Year Averages- Income Statement – Common Size – Income Statement – Year-Year Percent Change
– Income Statement – Five-Year Averages- Sources of Capital
Financial Ratio Analyses
– Accounting Ratios— Asset Utilization— Employee Efficiency– Fixed Charges Coverage – Leverage Analysis
– Liquidity Analysis— Per-Share Data
– Profitability Analysis
Wright Quality Rating Analyses
– Investment Acceptance
– Financial Strength
– Profitability and Stability
– Corporate Growth
– Report is included when there are five or more years of data history. — Report is included when employee counts are available.
—These reports are not produced for Financial Companies.


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