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My Summer Vacation Essay

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Relaxing out in the sun in the middle of a lake that stretches for miles and miles, is probably one of the most amazing things you could ever see in life. The best part about that, I get to enjoy that every summer. Every summer my family goes to a small cabin on Lake Rainy in Canada. The most memorable time I have ever had with my family was at our family cabin in Canada. It was the summer of 2007 and also one of the hottest trips we’ve had at our cabin.

One of my favorite things about the cabin is that it has no electricity unless we have the generator on.

My brothers whined about that for the first couple days! Bubba even tried to convince Aunt Linda to turn on the generator just so he could watch a movie. With no success with my aunt he asked Uncle Tom and got his way. After the kids got the idea that there would be no more turning the generator on for little things like charging their Game Boys, things actually started to get better.

With almost all technology set aside we did things unheard of in this day in age. One night we decided we were tired of being bored and I thought my little brother to play Kings Corner, they didn’t like that game very much.

I decided it was time for a little easier game; it would have to be easy to catch Bubba’s attention. Uno was the game we played most nights. Playing Uno at the cabin was great, the entire family was ordered to play by my Aunt Linda and since she is the boss, no one would have even thought otherwise. Don’t get me wrong we didn’t spend all of our time indoors. We went swimming very frequently, most of the time just to stay cool. It was usually too hot to go fishing, unless you had a death wish.

One day when it was cool enough to fish, Kelsey caught the most beautiful Walleye I have ever seen. My little cousin Kimmy wasn’t to excited about eating fish so the made her chicken every night we had fish. (This was most nights. ) The only thing I hated about Canada honestly was leaving. On the last day we’re at the cabin everyone is usually pretty sad to be leaving. It was always nice to get home, but as soon as we would get home we would instantly start to miss watching the sunset on a lake that stretched for miles and miles.

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