My Successful Leadership Experience as a Socially Responsible Citizen

Success through leadership is a great feat in life to lead others. people need great amounts of intelligence, creativity, experience, and energy leadership allows me to make a difference In my community. Leadership allows me to explore culture, heritage, and strategies that people contribute leadership has helped me gain a sense of civic responsibility and faith in a safer San Jose community. San Jose is the city that l was born in, Leadership requires a vision. I have learned that just as a collegiate student at a community college I can make create positive change by using the internet.

Leadership has taught me that real problems have real solutions any problem, big or small, can be fixed. Leadership through civic duty and social responsibility has taught me that my efforts really can truly make the world a better place. At De Anza Community College, practiced and gained valuable experience by attending a club meeting that supported the cause of stopping the California Budget Cuts in 2009.

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I learned how people protest. I also learned from this leadership opportunity that I can make a difference. I learned that in the future, I can help be a leader by calling my California Senators to oppose a future budget cut. I have learned that I can help others by not only helping people make posters but by doing work behind the scenes through peaceful protest to help a cause. Leadership helps me to learn what my capabilities limits are: leadership helps me to realize how I can help future generations.

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Social responsibility helps me to find those areas where I can make a difference. My experience as a socially responsible citizen has helped me to feel safer in my community. As an Asian who grew up in Silicon Valley, I learned to appreciate public facilities like the local libraries.

The local libraries provide free internet access unfortunately, during the past five years, I have noticed that young men use these browsers to view internet pornography on these public and free computers. It’s tragic that these computers are always used to learn and help the community. Curiosity has led me to explore the different types of media that the library offers to the public I have found that graphic novels available to all at the San Jose Public Libraries contain images of breasts. As an Asian, find these comic books offensive, so wrote to the San Jose library that I want these comic books taken out of the library because I feel that they are harmful to not only the Asian community but to society as a whole. It is no doubt that the presence of these comic books perpetuates youth and how society will and how different cultures are perceived.

l have learned that it’s up to me to make a change by complaining about these graphic novels that l as a taxpayer. and even my parents (who are programmers and engineers) pay for to have at my local library. I would not want my children to view these graphic novels, so I find that requesting the removal of these graphic novels makes me feel that I can trust the world that my children will also inhabit someday. Leadership has taught me that to improve my community I don t have to have a lot of money—l just have to know how to ask a simple question just by using the internet. I have learned that my efforts to banish pornography at my local library help me feel safer in my own community. When I want to do something as simple as visiting my local public park, I feel safer because of my efforts to stop the spread of pornography at public facilities have learned that by helping my community, I help myself create a safer world for myself and for future generations to those who may experience the same feelings as I do about library materials.

Social responsibility is fun and makes me feel safer in my community Silicon Valley is a grand cny devoted to technological growth that is home to many different cultures and backgrounds; it is up to aware people to notice areas that can be improved. Without any unnecessary Violence Leadership makes me feel that l have made a contribution to society and to its future as a good place to live is through leadership that people can create a crystal-clean and safe city that not only I but others can enjoy. Leadership has taught me that helping others can be so simply yet hopefully, extremely beneficial to the world.

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