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My Studying Experience Essay

Whenever I set my mind to work on a variety of things, I place sufficient importance to each of them and adequately accomplish all of them with strict perseverance. My transcript shows that I have taken several courses in advance and achieved high scores in them. I selected many courses that though are not directly related to my major, are fine sources of knowledge where I was able to learn great lessons.

My overall grades are not perfect, but it is worth noting that I earned outstanding 4.0s in all the major courses I had taken. It is also significant to see that I took these major courses in advance. I consider my accomplishment valuable because overcoming difficulties in the achievement of relevant knowledge is a foremost necessity in discovering outcomes when I become a researcher. I took a two semester junior course in both ‘Introduction to Electromagnetism’ and ‘Engineering Electromagnetics’ during my freshman and sophomore years and acquired “A”s on both courses.

When I was a sophomore, I also obtained an ‘A’ taking ‘Introduction to Quantum and Optical Electronics’ which was actually a junior level course in the engineering department. Furthermore, my interest in lasers led me to take a senior course on lasers where I also gained an ‘A’. These accomplishments gave me not only high scores but also fulfillment with respect to my intellectual curiosity. I developed an ability of finding problems and solving them without adequate background knowledge. As a result, I was awarded scholarships almost every semester.

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However, my interest wasn’t solely on major course work. I took classes such as ‘History of Western Art’, ‘Nation and Art’, ‘Philosophical understanding of science and technology’ and the like. I especially enjoyed the art related classes. In ‘Nation and Art’, I presented about Paik Nam Jun who was the renowned founder of video art. I was encouraged because the professor, the first person in Korea who obtained a Ph.D. for Korean art philosophy, highly appreciated my work.

She so impressed that she asked me for an additional term paper for her future lecture. She gave me the highest score even among the art majors in the class. In my studies, I was impressed with the fact that artists also considered deeply about the notions in physics. For example, Velasquez and Picasso dealt with both space and time together in their art pieces as Einstein did in his theory of Relativity.

In conclusion, I feel proud of my accomplishments in both major and non-major activities. During the two and a half years that I spent in the university, I tried to achieve academically with diversity. Pursuing a variety of interests with great passion, I learned many significant things. I realized that by choosing my unusual curriculum, I occasionally understood concepts in physics differently from others. For example, the concept of ‘beauty’ which I learned in art somehow helped me understand the structure in physics. I believe I could widen my experience even further by studying in UC Berkeley.

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