My Study Plan Essay

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My Study Plan

I’m glad that I’ve such a determination to France for further study. I do hope you will accept me for higher education in your distinguish college.  I was always appeal to the romantic and mysterious culture in France, Especially the state of art. It’s really astonished by the world. Personally, one should have artistic mentality even if he’s major in Mechanical. But, the main reason for study in France is actually the education. It’s a country that pay serious attention to education, and government in France has invested a lot in this field. As for this, our overseas students got a best opportunity for study with the low school fee, the abundant teaching resources and a good learning environment. It’s no wonder the best choice for further study as a n overseas student.

I have a well foundation in Mechanical as I study Mechanical Engineering in my home country. I had took part in lots of relevant competitions and held the position of assistance in the laboratory, all these experience gave me a valuable assets. I know that it’s far from enough to be an excellent engineer, so I sincerely hope that I can reach a higher level to further study in France. I love study and have a strong desire for study; I wish to receive your recognition in future. Even though my family is not so wealthy, I hope you can understand me and I will do my best to fulfill my peruses in my study aboard.

My study plan is as follow:

1. I will finish the foundation course in home country, and meet the assessment of Language for study in France. 2. The first half year in France, I will go on intensive study in French, and hope to meet the requirement of Language for the subject as early. 3. After finished the Language study, I will spend the rest time for learning the master degree in Mechanical, and minor in the relevant subjects for Automobiles. 4. I will work through the two years study in France, it’ll not only strengthen my French and also can support me to complete the study. 5. After finished study in campus, I’ll spend a period of time for working in France to thank the education I’ve got there. 6. During study aboard, I will learn more about French culture and the society, also its scenery, and I will do my best for contribution in the further communication and cooperation between the two countries.

I believe I’m qualified enough to accept by you, and I’ve well prepared. Thanks for reading my plan of study. Wish you all in good health and smooth in work.

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