My Sisters Keeper Essay

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My Sisters Keeper

In the novel My Sisters Keeper, the author Jodi Picoult brings up the issues of moral ethics and family dynamics. She explores the balance between saving a child’s life and putting another child in danger. Although I think the main theme in the novel would be that you should always live in the present instead of future, and live life it to the fullest.

My Sisters Keeper is a moving story about Ana who files a law suit over the rights of her body. Ana was born to provide blood, bone marrow and all sorts of body parts for her sister Kate who has a serious case of Leukaemia. While this book is serious and somewhat negative, I found a positive message between the lines. I think it is about not letting life pass you by and seizing every single day. This is the case when Kate is sick and Sara (the girls’ mother) is so preoccupied with Kate’s medical business that she forgets to just enjoy the time with her family while she still can. The family spends so much time concentrating on Kate’s death and what will happen when she does pass that they miss the time she has left living. Sara also does not realise that she also forgets to spend time with her other children when she is too busy with Kate and her treatments, and makes her eldest, Jese feel left out and abandoned.

I believe that the theme of living life in the present and living it to the fullest is very relevant to today’s society, as everyone seems so busy and preoccupied with plans for the future. They are forgetting to live in the moment.

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