My Senior Year Story

My senior year of high school, Hi my name is lizzie and i’m your storyteller for today this is my suspense and my friends are Brittney, And Roxy, Brittney’s traits are Nice, Cool, And Always Hungry. Roxy’s Traits Are Bossy, Impatient, Always Wants Everything her way. My Traits Are always has snacks, adventures, and always laughing. So My story is about since our senior year of high school we decided to go on a vacation were going to the amazon forest to explore but we just started walking and we got lost because roxy went the wrong way and got us lost so we just started walking and we hear noises and then a bird just come and starts chasing us then we climb up the tallest tree and then we heard a big sound and the tree started to shake, brittney slips and falls but I grab her by her hand but my hands were too slippery, and she slipped off my hand and she fell we jumped off the tree and she was on the ground there was blood everywhere I was crying so hard the rain kept coming harder I was so sad the bird was coming we had to go we said our last word’s and left.

Next, we were running Roxy got caught under a branch and I was trying to pull her out but I couldn’t she said “Go without me I’ll be fine Go find shelter”

I said ok But I ran when I heard her scream I kept my mouth shut I cried so bad.

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I ran as fast as I could but I scraped my thigh and I couldn’t run I was crying so much I made a puddle I ended up fainting I was soaking wet I had no food or anything to drink when I woke up I was in a tent with new clothes and I had a fur blanket on me I was like OMG what the heck my scrape had a bandage over it I went outside the tent and saw this girl she was the one who saved me her name was Macy. I said were you the one that saved me she said “ Yes I was and you weren’t breathing so I tried to help you relive again it worked with my special drink it was with tree leaves. Also I made that blanket from wolves I’m So glad that I saved you “hey Lizzie I’m in my senior year of how about you. “ I’m in my senior year of high school too I go to Winchester high school and you “I go to the same school “ how did you get here” I got here because I got lost. What happen to you friends” “ I lost them there dead” Macy Said “ OMG I’m so sorry Lizzie come give me a hug. I was crying my tears out. Me and Macy became best friends together we hunted together we did everything together but we tried to find our way out and we did and we got back from the forest that we put that in our scrapbook Saying ( Amazon Forest Memories) I was so sad to lose my friends but (Macy” Told me To never give up on the bad things”)

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