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My School

School is a temple of learning and a training ground for future citizens. The name of my school is Penang Chinese Girls High School. It was set up in 19-an by a land-lord in our area. He donated land and money for the school. The atmosphere in which our school is situated is very pleasant. It is surrounded by a big field on one side and a small garden with flowers on the other. The school has three rows of big buildings. The name of the school is written on the front building. There are many classrooms in the front building.

Other rooms in the back building are used for different purposes such as the Head Master’s Office, Library, the Clerk’s Office, the Science Laboratory, the Teachers’ Common-room, the N. C. C. and etc. There are 80 teacher, a specific teacher for librarians, a clerk and several peons in our school. All the teachers are qualified and experienced. The Head Master is a learned woman,she solved problems of the pupils efficiently. The total number of students of our school is about 20thousand hundred. We go to school in uniform,our school consisits of girls only,therefore girls wear blue skirt and white blouse.

The school functions from for 2 sessions. During the recess hour we go to the canteen to relax and savour some mouth-watering food. Some students also go to library and read newspaper there. In games period we play badminton, volley ball, etc. Girl students play ring ball too. The library of our school is a medium one. There are about two thousand books on different subjects; we did not have a library period in our weekly routine,so we borrow books from our library and refund them after a week in our free time. We observe the Republic Day, the Independence Day, the Teacher’s Day in our school.

We also hold debate competitions and games and sports every year. The school magazine is published every year. In annual examinations the students from our school show brilliant performance. Many students from this school have occupied glorious position in our state. Our school always holds book fair for students to have a chance to explore the advantages of reading. This year a classical teacher from our school retired formally. The discipline, the study atmosphere and the brilliant academic result of our school attract many meritorious students from distant parts of our state. It is an ideal school in all respects.

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