My review and judgement for Toyshops online marketing Essay

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My review and judgement for Toyshops online marketing

Top shop online retail website allows their customer to purchase their products online. Top shop is generally regarded as the high street fashion centre for all women and men under 30, reasonably priced clothes suitable for all occasions. Top shop is one of the better laid out online shops the site uses an attractive black colour scheme and the clothes are divided into categories, viewers can choose to browse by New In items, Special Offers, Sale, Kate Moss range, Dresses, etc.

Topshop is a high street fashion retailer that has been up and running since 1964 and is has successfully open 300 store across the UK, do shipments to more than 100 countries and has their eclectic British style is known all over the world. Over the years they have built a strong bond with industry insiders and in 2002 they joined forces with newgen, a scheme which allowed them to foster new design talent and provide a global platform for the scene’s brightest new stars. Topshop also the only high street brand to show on schedule at London Fashion week and Topshop Unique has become the style set’s hottest ticket.

The Topshop formula is proving not just popular/reputation but profitable too. The chain made around $200 million in pre-tax profits last year on revenues of approximately $1.14 billion.

Topshop online marketing system is very effective to its viewers/ users, Topshop’s online website benefits their customers because it give their customers the opportunity to visit their website at any time during business hours which make online shopping an excellent option for many busy shoppers. One of the most obvious benefit for online shoppers is convenience, online shoppers has the ability to purchase products/service from Topshop’s online website at any time which is most convenient for them. Their online website accepts orders twenty-four hours a day during normal business hours.

Topshop’s online website provides their customers with total product information. Customers shopping online expect product details which is the Price, information on how the product or service runs on how to use it an so on, this is a benefit for the customer because before purchasing a product they get to see the price and get information on the product on how it will work out for them so they will get an rough idea of how it will work so before purchasing they could compare and select whether the price is suitable for them and if the service or product has what they need.

Viewing items is easy – viewers can just click on the item they want to view in more detail and it brings up the name of the item, the price, a brief description of the product, materials used, suggestions for how to wear it, and a picture of the front and the back which you are able to zoom in. customers can see what sizes the item is available in – sizes go from 6-16 and any sizes not in stock are greyed out.

The business online features is beneficial to their viewer because it help to their viewers to find exactly what they are looking for in other words ‘easy to use’; images, colours, gifs, videos, drop down menus and search bars are all useful to the business viewers.

Topshop’s online website also provides their viewers to be able to create their own account with the company, get additional information on their business, clothing and also complaints, viewers can write their own review on their products and service that the business offers.

The effectiveness of the of Topshop marketing

The effectiveness of Topshop marketing online gives customers an opportunity to purchase items from their online webpage, collect information about the product, service and also information about the business, their online webpage is also design in a way to enable their customers to get exactly what the they are looking; at the bottom of Topshop online webpage is where customers can get the information there need from the business such as, information about the business, how to find different branches, help and also other website that the customers can visit for update; Facebook, twitter, YouTube and also Google.

Images, videos, pictures, drop down menus, gifs and search bar play a big impact on how customers view the business webpage, it make it easier for the customers to locate stuff on the business webpage, because these online features are visual.

Topshop online website is effective because it help to attraction new customers to the business. The internet is a main asset to many people because they use this on a regular basis whether it is to communication, gather information or locate new places. Topshop use many marketing techniques to promote their online business, these are; promotional adverts online, email promotion, hyperlinks, on website such as twitter and Facebook and so on YouTube.

Topshop also have an app for all smartphone, where customers can use to also purchase item, gather information and so on, this is very effective for their customers because this give their customers the advantage to shop from anywhere, during business hours.

Topshop internet marketing states for Facebook and Twitter.

Topshop continues to grow its following on social media sites, due to lots of features, in-store promotions and relatively high levels of engagement with fans and followers. Stats from E-Digital Research look at the number of followers for the top 20 retailers on Facebook and Twitter and, for the first time, Google+.

Top 20 UK retailers on Facebook

Topshop was also in pole position and it has added more than 1m new fans since May 2011. Its target audience are big Facebook and social media in general users, so the strategy of promoting its Facebook presence works well. Content is regularly updated to keep people interested, while it also promotes its social media profiles in stores and from its website. The retailer uses exclusive deals and interactive content to keep people interested. How much this translates into sales is another matter, but it’s significant that it hasn’t opened an f-commerce store, presumably preferring to drive users to its product pages.

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