My relationship with my neighbour’s wife Essay

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My relationship with my neighbour’s wife

My relationship with my neighbor’s wife and family is one that readily comes to mind. I recently packed to my new rented compound. I am yet to complete a ye4ar in this my new abode. My neighbor’s wife right from the first day became friendly, and was readily available to render assistance. She went as far as making my clean up for which I pay her some token. But, I later became aware of her persistent request and demands for money and food stuff and every little thing she can ask for.

At first, I saw this as nothing just a way to render help to the needy, so I heeded to all her request. But, when the demands became too frequent, I had to reflect and decide to decline and refuse some of her requests My neighbor has five kids, with the eldest about 10 years old. She in her late 20’s. Her husband is a motor bike rider, and use the little income he earn in satisfying is habit in the bottle. He usually spends late nights outside his home and come back drunk most times.

He leaves little or nothing for food on his way out of the family. Putting this consideration in mind, I sometime regret my decision to reject to offer the little I can to this family through her ever demanding wife. But, I have to be careful since am still a single bachelor, I don’t want rumors to develop that I have started dating or committing adultery with another’s man wife. This is the last time I want to happen. In the society we live in it is morally wrong to date a married women.

The relationship situation would have being different if my neighbors husband is responsible enough to cater for his family. She will have enough and her constant demands will be less. Furthermore, I would have be in position to continue rendering my aid to her family, if the lady is not marry or if the society will not misinterpret my kind gestures for a clandestine relationship between myself and my neighbor. Our relationship still remains fluid as neighbors, according to the model of Foucault’s `Power Field` notates.

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