My real friend Nature Essay

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My real friend Nature

My real friend Nature I grew up in a flourishing metropolis sprawling over a number of cement constructions . I never stepped out of this cement forest since I was born. In my childhood, toys and high-technological machines were my best friends because they accompanied me and entertained me for a long period of time. Compared to countryside children, I was very deluded that I was brought up in a city and I could own every latest objects that I wanted. However, until I experienced an unforgettable filed trip of Mt. Madonna Park with my environmental science classmates and instructor miss Tracy, not only did I find my real friend nature but also I obtained more misteries and acquaintance relating to nature through my instruction’s introduction and personal experience. Getting along with nature during the field trip, I determined that nature is truly my real friend who was able to ” interact ” with me in the most pure and sincere way.

Nature is the friend who assist me to overcome all initial difficulties of living on the earth. Specifically, she gave me guarantee of surviving by devoting herself to constantly offering life-living resources to me. I did not have any feeling of her strong and indivisible love until miss Tracy introduced red wood forest to us. Miss Tracy briefly demonstrated that there are three kinds of trees namely red wood trees, oak trees and Tanoak trees in Mt. Madonna Park. Red wood trees, which are souls of forests, trap the most moisture in their advanced root systems.They are such big sponges for circulating water in biosphere. In addition, combing with water, sunlight and air, these three kinds of trees consume carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen through natural photosynthesis. How great they are! While I was walking through the park,the wind blew moisture steam from leaves and then stayed and instilled my thirsty skin. When it came to the green plants, they coordinated their breath rhythms to breathe out an abundance of oxygen to the cool air in order to please me.

It was the first time that I had felt that nature was really existed in my life. Keeping me living steadily and nurturing me with her soundless love, she never tries to ditch me but instead defends me. I appreciated that she understood what I needed for my life and gave me a wonderful new life every day. Nature is the friend who can use his romantic voice to heal my mental hurt and rinse my sufferings. It was interesting that nature has his own voice to express himself. She is not cold blooded but has multiple emotions. In order to capture the most spontaneous voice, we stepped slowly and silently on the grass. Miss Tracy was so delighted to tell us how to distinguish different birds’ different voice. Listen! Ravens crows and marble murat, soaring at the top of the Tanoak trees, were showing their warm greeting to me. Their voice just liked a clutter of sunshine brighter my inner heart. Hearing the sound of a babbling brook, it peacefully calmed me down and brought my stress away.

When I settle down my heart and listen carefully to his voice, I can understand what he is trying to say to me.To Keep away from crowded city and stop hearing annoying hook and yelling, I was so glad that nature gave me a spontaneous healing pill to refresh my life. Nature is the friend who can teach me how to live sturdily and remind me of cherishing my priceless life. Nature is a large caring family for numberless creatures. Different creatures have different techniques to survive and protect themselves from attacking by enemies. During the field trip, one of the funny and meaningful part was touching banana slug. Miss Tracy passed around the banana slugs to each of us. The majority of us were so scared of their soft and bright yellow bodies even though they seemed to be extremely vulnerable because of their appearance. However, as a matter of a fact that they were so defended and cautious when they encountered crisis. When it came to my turn, I put it on my palm, it moved slowly on my hands and used its largest pair of tentacles to detect light and movements.

Then he spread another pair of tentacles straight out of his breathing holes to spy on everything. After checking the surroundings, it kept moving but started to produce slime which implied that it was threated to protect itself. In order to seek a survival exist, he never gave up moving. What a tough life! I believe that its intense surviving desire is the best witness of nature’s magnificent vitality.Thanks to nature’s sublime lives, they made me think of my life. Unlike creatures vigorous lives, my majority of life frittered away on entertainment and meaningless events. I spent time in playing computer games without taking any care of my health and became dispirited towards my daily work. But fortunately I obtained an alarming advise from my dear friend nature. He directed me to a bright side of the life and pull me back to a right track of a meaningful life. All in all, as a result of this wonderful filed trip, nature who I eventually recognized as my real friend never leave me alone since I was born.

He has defended me by serving me essential life-living material and comforted me in his striking communication ways for ages. Sometimes she has had been an adviser telling me to have esteem for every forms of life on earth. She has done the same thing not only for me but for everybody in this world. As to this skyrocketing society, we are drowning ourselves into too much concentration of unreal and illusory things. Losing our initial trait of being passionate towards nature, we split up with nature and even betrayed him. Have you ever noticed that she was crying and depressed to us ? Please! Do not prevent our friend from keeping close relationship to us. Take your time to sit down and talk with our dear friend for a couple of minutes. You will see her unconditional love explicitly.

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