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My Ralph Waldo Emerson High School Experience

A High School Journey

Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad; it’s what you do in between that count the most. Ralph Waldo Emerson High school has been the most important experience that I have ever faced in my entire life. I have learned who I truly am and who I have become. I have also learned who my true friends are, and what major components that made a huge impact on my life. Throughout my high school experience, I have faced many stressful moments and peaceful moments, but in the end I look back with no regrets.

I am sixteen years old and currently attending my grade 11 year at Mississauga Secondary School. Every year feels like a new beginning. That was the joy about high school. You make a whole new load of friends, lose the old and regret the forgotten. I remember the first time I stepped into MSS. I was nervous but excited. It was not hard to make new friends, but leaving your old ones behind was the hardest.

I was too caught up with all the excitement and did not realize what I was becoming. I wanted to become friends with everyone. All that mattered at that point was not to overlook anyone.

My first year of high school was the most remarkable year because that was the year when I got to know everyone. But it was not a matter of time when I started to separate the real from the fake. I met Emily in grade 8, ever since; we have become the best of friends.

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We have had our ups and downs but we fought through it together. She helped me when I was at my lowest and when I was in the need of a mentor. A friend like Emily is difficult to find. Where ever there were girls, there was drama. In high school, “bitch” was the famous “Hi, how are you”.

People were selfish, rude and unappreciative. The first year of high school is always the worst but in the end the laughter and stories are the best. Throughout my entire high school experience, the biggest expectation was my grades. It was short and sweet, if you fail to plan, you will plan to fail. The pressure was coming from either home or from school. The feeling of being in high school got me carried away and effected my education tremendously. Focusing on school work was very stressing because of the amount of education I was obligated to learn was too much to handle at once.

During my whole experience, I slacked off many times but I knew my limits. I knew when to stop and when to try harder. I was never a bright student but I tried my best and sometimes it was acknowledged. But having the feeling of getting better than the smart kid was the best experience anyone could ever face. Making my parents proud was another thing. In my household, if you got the grades, you got the wish. My parents were very supportive and still are but their pressure got me to think nothing was good enough. I pushed myself into things that I never thought I would do.

I was physically and mentally stressed and I did not have an answer to anything. At one point, I wanted to give up but I knew if I did then I would face a bigger dilemma. I am glad my parents were there for me because if no one had pushed me as hard as they did, I do not know where I would be. I worried too much about their opinion. Their love was unconditional and I was blinded by the pressure. Another component that affected my experience in high school was looking forward to the future. Only 16 years of age and I had the biggest plans.

My goal is to become a successful criminal justice attorney and make big bucks. I am starting my last and final year of high school and it gets me nervous to think about what and where I am going to be in the future. I always think about what friends will still be by my side, what job I am going to have and what my future goals are. My one fear is to look back at the past. I regret many things in my past but I do not regret my high school experience. The past is the past and is meant to be forgotten. High school taught me not to give up and there is more to it then just reading and writing.

Looking forward to the future helps me progress as an individual because I know I can make it past the ups and downs. The future enhances many things because you get a second chance on specific opportunities. High school gave me chance to learn and better myself for the future. My high school journey has effectively changed my view on everything. High school can be scary and overwhelming but it is far most the best experience I have ever been through. The first times are the worst but you will probably figure out in the end that everyone feels the same as you do.

High school helped me learn a lot of new things. The elements that impacted my whole high school experience were my friends, my education, and looking forward to the future. High school helped me improve my maturity and become a person that I would never think to be. It has lifelong reputations and images that will follow you forever, but it is always best to move on and progress. The changes throughout my high school experience has changed me both physically and mentally based on all the situations and fears I overcame to become what I am today.

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