My Pursuit of a Career in Building Proper Planning and Effective Managerial Skills

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As a born and bred African from a family with no single person having completed University. Awarding this scholarship will make me the first person to go to University and with a scholarship to that effect. This will help me realize what has been a long term goal for me and to my family a dream come true. Consistently, Africa over the years has its resources draining from its continental basket into various black markets, this practice over the years have made these black markets formidable forces hindering progress in the livelihood of its people because resources are not managed to cater for the peoples need.

International media does not seem to stop asking the question “why” ? i believe i represent an era of change. From Ghana the number one challenge is helping to improve the livelihood of the people through proper planning, effective management of resources and proper transportation policies to the underserved population. The need for an in-depth knowledge in management, planning and effective transportation policies have compelled me to apply for this scholarship.

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After graduating from Prempeh College,i have had first hand experience and interactions with students, smaller and larger communities and co operate bodies. I am now seeking scholarship support to study in Holland at Bachelor’s level to enable my interest in management and planning of resources to better the life of its people. Currently my interest in International Logistics Management require an in depth knowledge and understanding of planning and management. Holland which is renowned center for most of the world business firms and companies will always be every career seeking student hot spot for such program.

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As an undergraduate student in Holland plan to present the African perspective on this subject through article writing. I confidently believe as an African born, raised and educated this will bring uniqueness and a lot of relevance to my undergraduate program in Holland. The practical and the theoretical aspects obtained after my undergraduate program will further enhance my career as an ardent crusader of proper planning and effective managerial skills as the surest way to improve livelihood or empowering human.

Augmenting practical and theoretical understanding of planning, easy and reliable transpotational policies and effective managerial skills. When i was chosen from hundreds of applicants to take part in the just ended elections in Ghana by the electoral commission of Ghana fell in love more with Logistics management as i was given the department. As electoral material manager,i was in charge of transportation and distribution of electoral materials and items to various centers. This role did not only improve my managerial skills but also improved my communication skills as elections in Africa or Ghana, every election seem constantly on a warpath ,because leaders top most priorities are tipped towards winning the next election instead of the next generation. Having the chance to witness and managed the seeming tensions and ensuring various materials arrived on various grounds on time to ensure everyone had the chance to express his thoughts .Been able to neutralize and ensuring peaceful elections with no reports of victimization or disenfranchising. Now i intend to develop my career as to improve the Ghana.

Secondly also participated in the Ghana Youth Aids Society Program, where i gained insight into HIV AIDS, through educating and management of funds, and distribution of drugs and items for HIV AIDS patients. Organizing public outreach programs had the privilege to interact with HIV AIDS patients who had been stigmatized and abandoned by family and loved ones. After the series of public outreach and seminars the non infected ones began to have a broader understanding of HIV AIDS. Through this “help One Patient” platform was created to educate and provide support for HIV AIDS patients and through this i realized it does not take so much to help someone.

Holland’s history for supporting promising young students from developing countries in ensuring they succeed and bring their knowledge obtained back home to help their country is undoubtful over the years. I have already done some of this work but i want to continue and do more with your assistance.

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