My Position in Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

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My Position in Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I would like to see myself in the fourth level. I must say I am already fulfilled when it comes to physiological, safety, and belongingness needs. As I grow old, I realize my needs and as I become mature I started to aim for satisfaction. I have a very supportive family and I could say that I have gained a lot of friends along my journey whom I can consider as part of my success. I am no longer a child to aim for belongingness nor too old to aim for self actualization, I am still on my quest for achievement and reputation.

Even though, I have already finished my college education, I still have a lot of plans for my future. Just like what Marlow’s say about the “needs” of a person, esteem needs talks about the pride. I must say I am already in the stage where I am aiming for other’s recognition and respect. Since I have a strong belief that respect and reputation are gained not only through kindness, I am still planning for more not only to have them but also because those achievements are what I consider as real success in one’s life. In my two decades of existence, I have learned to value the achievements that I have gained and aim for more as I grow old.

When a person desire for independence and competence, I must say that that is the time when he or she is already satisfied with his or her other needs. That is what I feel for myself right now. I have learned to mingle with different kinds of people for more knowledge, go to different places for adventure, and face adversaries to win every competition. I won a lot of friends but I have also encountered a lot of enemies on my way to what I called success. Maybe because I have been considered as competent and a dreamer, what I already have right now seem not enough for me to be satisfied.

I think that is because I am still young to stop and be satisfied for what I have gained in my short journey of life. I also think that being a member of a family of achievers gives me an inspiration to dream more and go further than what I have already accomplished. The prominent people around me give me encouragement to make all my plans reachable. Apparently, my goal in life and my perspective of satisfaction rely heavily on my quest for independence, respect, and reputation. I have realized that I am already satisfied with other needs in life and those things that I want to do today reflect what I want to be in the future.

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