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My Portfolio

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (490 words)
Categories: Activity, Death, Essay, Human, People, Society, Writing
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Welcome to my Portfolio! I personally am writing to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the last draft of a persuasive essay that I recently submitted a week ago for a writing class at Georgia Highlands faculty, English 1101. Below I give a general description of the essay, with my review of its strengths and weaknesses.

My essay “Financial Responsibility: For A Deceased Person’s Hospital Bill” is a convincing essay to urge people to know what to expect ahead of time such as when a person dies and have a unpaid hospital bill.

It can take some of the anxiety out of this aspect of coping with a death. The hospital bills for many people can accumulate very rapidly. When someone dies, the inheritor(s) might wonder if the hospital bill dies with him or her. Who is financial responsible for a deceased person’s hospital bill?

The greatest parts of my argument are the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs supported my thesis in more details.

Hospital bills can cause someone to lose their home, life savings and assets. It can be detrimental to someone’s credit score. Additionally, I inform people to do their research on the responsibility laws of a decease person in their state. State laws often changes, so be aware. Numerous states don’t impose them, but there have been cases in the past where inheritor(s) were sued for the bill to be paid.

This paper has a few weaknesses. The introduction needed to be more engaging, original, informative, and to the point, where my readers will form a positive impression of me and they will want to read further. My first sentence “Experts agree to manage bills properly now, so the family isn’t responsible later” should be my second sentence with an in-text citation and more dept.

My first sentence should have stated “Are you being, or have you ever been responsible for a deceased persons hospital bill? Asking a question would allow for my readers to engage me more. It would have been informative if I had listed a high- profile case that applied to this law. I personally know that Georgia probate law states, that only the estate of the deceased is responsible for the deceased persons bills.

The best revision for me was to insert my in-text citation. I often forget to add them in my essay even though I have a work cited page. I wish I had more time to work on the paper, I would pay attention to all the small details that I may have overlooked. It was missing a few more in text citations.

Writing a well written paper takes patience and time. Listen to your professors, tutors, and classmates’, critique criticism when given. Feedback from my writing helped me make proper revisions. It will benefit me in the long run for my next writing assignment. I personally hope that you find the essay captivating and enlightening as you read it.

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