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My Place for Diversity Essay

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An understanding of both the hidden dimensions of diversity and the visible can upsurges understanding and tolerance of the differences in every one of us. Diversity gives uniqueness to each of us and makes us interesting, however if you base your judgment on the visual and not the hidden dimension as well, then you are being judgmental to that person. The visual characteristics only encompass part of who that person is, which can then give you an inappropriate basis on your values. Understanding the hidden dimensions of diversity including the visual dimensions allows you to improve yourselves by removing ignorance and gaining different viewpoints on others diversity. When you see many different sides of other cultures, you are now being well-versed, and can make sensible assessments about others.

A lot of diversity is obvious, visual, and much another type is hidden. Most people’s diverse characteristics are not shown but, only brought out by talking and getting to know that person. For instance, Jenna, (profiled in; ‘My Place: The Place for Diversity’), she would have been judged only on her visual characteristics. If she would have been invited to my home from a family member then she most likely would have been base on her visual characteristics.

Base on her many tattoos and piercings the first opinion that would have been that she would not be allow back in to the home because she appears to be up to no good and not a good influence on the family. If we knew about her hidden characteristic such as her mom died of cancer, that each of her piercings and tattoos has a meaning, and that she have degrees in English and was pursuing her Master in Communication then we would treat her and look at her in a different way.

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From the time you are born and well into your adult hood the events of your life can be another portion of character of diversity can be formed. Some people suffered from many different types of traumatic emotional events and abuse in their lives; some have was raise in a family that was poor and might have been told that they would never be successful. That brings me to Kim (profiled in; ‘My Place: The Place for Diversity’), just base on how her visual characteristics you would believe that she grew up in a middle class family. That she was one of many to have graduated from high school and college. When you talk with her then you would hear her hidden characteristic you would find out that she grew up in a poor family environment and the first in her family to complete high school. That she was told that she would never make it.

She has earned her master’s degree in education media and technology and that she overcame a lot of negative thing but, at the end she did not let her life event put her in a negative life style. Then you have Jill (profiled in; ‘My Place: The Place for Diversity’), looking at her visual characteristic I would not have though that her father is Methodist and mother is Buddhist and at she went to Catholic school that would be something that you might learn by talking with her. As well as finding out that she graduated at the top of school. Looking at her you would not have though that she grew up in the most underprivileged side of the city. Visual you would have thought that she maybe came from a family that was in the middle class and that she went to a public school and not a Catholic school the first 8 years of her school years.

In conclusion you have to be very careful of judging people solely on their superficial characteristics. If you take the time to just talk with someone for a few seconds then you can then get some of their hidden characteristics to help guide you in your judgment of them and what type of people they are. Doing this My Place for Diversity multimedia base on the little information that was shared and how I look at them and judge them I find that over 87 percent of my picks was wrong and that a few of them I second guess myself but the initial person was correct. As in doing this and the information that was shared that my judgment I could not choose be two of the people. I learn that instead of judging people with you first see them that I need to look at the visual but also determine some of the hidden characteristics so that I can be more informed about that person.

University of Phoenix. (2009). My Place for Diversity Multimedia [Multimedia]. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, DIVERSITY ISSUES IN COMMUNICATION website.

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