My philosophy of Education Essay

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My philosophy of Education

I never thought I will end studying education. In fact, this possibility was not even considered. At first I was more into medicine or graphic design areas but then I discovered a hidden ability, teaching. I dance since I was twelve years old, and I started to teach in my ballet academy in 2006 to 3-5 year-old girls and I enjoyed it very much. I know that is not the same to teach dance compared with school teaching, but the experience I had with children was very pleasant to me because I found a strong connection between my students and me. So that period marked my destiny and I decided that teaching is what I want to do the rest of my life. Therefore, I am preparing myself to become an Early Childhood Bilingual Generalist.

Educating children is very meaningful because it directly affects their lives. Education provides a foundation for a child to base the rest of his or her life on. For this matter, it is very important for every teacher to have their own foundation well defined. There are five types of philosophies of education: Essentialism, perennialism, progressivism, social reconstructionism, and extentialism.

As a future educator, I will follow the progressivism student centered philosophy.  I believe on focusing on the individual needs of the student, as well as involving them in the process of learning. Every child is different and not all students relate to material in the same way. That is why I will have in mind two very important factors: Motivation and interest. With these in mind, I will have the attention of my students in order to have in them the desire to learn and later to succeed. I believe that my educational philosophy foundation will guide me to success in the classroom.

This philosophy allows the student to interact with other children in the classroom and share ideas or interests, making the student able to communicate and express their thoughts. I think it is necessary to know the opinion of the student; that is why in the classroom I want to create an environment where they can feel comfortable to ask a question or give an opinion without letting behind the order and respect.

I want to become a teacher because I know I have the patience to listen to them, and I consider myself capable to get along and interact with them. I strongly believe that children are very clever and I can learn a lot of them as I expect they learn from me. I want to be that teacher who kids remember when they grow up as the “best teacher” they had; I want to make my kindergarten students enjoy their classroom instead of being afraid of it.  And the most important thing of all: I want to be a teacher because a teacher leaves a mark in somebody else’s life, and I want to be the first person leaving a mark in my students during their knowledge process in school.

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