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My personal statement

My desire to be a midwife began before studying nursing diploma in Spain. There are several reasons for this interest, beginning with my cousin’s completion of a midwifery course. She has told me very much about her course and I was excited to hear about each element of it. Another factor which attracted me to this branch of nursing was the excitement of taking part in a birth. Witnessing the happiness of those involved is always an unforgettable experience and to smooth the progress of this experience for others is something I am passionate about doing for a living. This is also the main reason I chose England to work as a nurse; I am interested in expanding upon my existing knowledge on the UK National Health System. As a result of working in an EMI nursing home environment I have acquired a diverse set of skills and confidence with the language and the system. This experience has allowed me to grow professionally and personally.

Before this I accrued experience within a hospital environment where I especially become more confident in emergency situations, working in casualty department and intensive care department among other specialties. From my point of view, midwifery is not only help in the deliver of babies. It comprises many aspects, such as, ante-natal and post-natal care, offering post and pre-birth support and helping parents to be to prepare for parenthood. In broader terms, midwifery involves health promotion, improving social wellbeing, reducing health inequalities and community education. I am eager to be involved in each of these aspects. There are many skills I can bring to midwifery. The first of these is the ability of work well on my own and as a part of a multidisciplinary team, whilst remaining calm and efficient under pressure. To evidence this, I was often given responsibility as the highest on-floor authority within the EMI care home.

In this role I had 6 carers under my charge and had to care for 36 residents. I feel this experience has allowed me to increase my patience and multi-tasking skills many fold, as this was the first time I was placed in a position of authority. After this experience I was praised by senior carers as to my proficiency and authority in dealing with this situation. I am an energetic and compassionate person, I enjoy working with people, staff and service users alike. I am able to use my initiative when necessary and I have the qualities of empathy and tact. In relation to midwifery, these skills are fundamental in building trust between a mother and myself as her midwife, which I feel is significant, as communication is perhaps the most vital skill that a midwife, or indeed any nurse needs to complete each process of their role effectively. The first experience I had with care of women and babies was in the third year of my nursing career.

This comprised two weeks within the delivery department of a large hospital and two weeks within pediatric surgery. I remember this as one of the most exciting experiences of my nursing career and increased even more my interest for midwifery. This was rewarding due to being able to see the happiness and gratitude of couples receiving their babies. However, every birth is different and it should be noted that not all are equal and straight forward. There are complicated births as well, and how to deal with such births is what I feel is the greatest lesson I learned whilst on placement. Throughout my career I have always pushed myself to excel academically, as evidenced by the maternity module of my diploma, in which I passed the exam with honors and achieved the highest grade in my class of seventy students.

I am very proud of this accolade, as I worked alongside some very dedicated individuals. I acquired knowledge about anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the psychological and emotional elements of the process which could be very useful in my studies as a midwife. Being so passionate about midwifery, I often read academic literature related to this field of nursing. For example, I recently read highly stimulating article entitled Midwifery 2020.

Delivering expectations. Midwifery 2020, 2010. Delivering Expectations [online] Cambridge: Jill Rogers Associates. Available at: [Accessed 25th September 2011].. To summarize, approximately 900.000 women give birth each year in UK and I want to be in a position in which I am able to ensure that these babies are delivered as safely and effectively as possible. I am acutely aware that midwifery training in the UK is considered to be of a high standard throughout the world. Therefore I would feel very proud to be given the opportunity at this University and start making my aspirations a reality.

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