My Personal Statement and Future Plans

My name is Ployroong Phanmeechaow. I’m a junior at Thammasat Business School.

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My actual major is accounting, and now I’m studying financing for my minor too. Although studying major and minor is very difficult and needs more effort, I think I have many abilities that can help me doing it very well.

My grade point average (GPA) now is very satisfied to me and my family, but in the first semester of the first year, my grade point average isn’t good enough.

I think it’s because I couldn’t adjust myself to the new environment in every field such as staying far from my family, making friends with new friends and reading more books than high school.

I’m a diligent and strict person. I always do my works with all my intention and before I send my works to my teacher I need to check the overall of my works that if there are any mistakes or not.

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Moreover, I’m quite self-confident. I usually do everything with myself so I don’t like to ask for help if it isn’t necessary. When working in group I’m usually a leader in a group and I can do my duties the best. And I used to do the Strengths Finder test from the Gallup Organization when I applied KPMG as trainee audit last summer. It said that my top-five strengths are command, relator, focus, achieve and significant.

I plan to do many things after I graduated from Thammasat Business School. The first thing is I’m going to work at an auditing company to collect hours for taking CPA exam. And I will take a special course to improve my English skills. Then I will study abroad in MBA program in financial field because I think it’s very useful when my working position is higher and it’s can apply to use in my real-life. And then I will come back to work in Thailand.

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My Personal Statement and Future Plans
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