My Personal Pursuit of a Career in Animation

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Animation is an interesting field to work in because you get to off your creativity and talent. I have always been a creative person and interested in this field for quite a while that’s what drawn me into this field was currently enrolled in school and leading my education towards getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. As time began to past and I took a few months off after graduating from Louisburg College I tend to realize teaching became my least interest.

From that moment on I decided to change my major and go towards a more advanced career that would be more fun and exciting and I could also show off my talent at the same time, something I could put to use. So I did some research and ran across the Living Arts College website; I became interested and scheduled a visit.

I believe Living Arts College will give me hands on experience with the tools I need to succeed in my animation career.

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When I attended Louisburg College I worked as a work study student in the Art Department I was known as the Art Assistant. While working there I also worked on projects that I was assigned because I took a few Art classes myself. I gained a large role of responsibility my duties were to make sure all the materials were neatly organized answer question from the students about daily projects and close the art building daily at night. The Art Professor trusted me very well, I enjoyed every semester I worked with him and it was a great opportunity.

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Hopefully the creative skills and techniques that I learn will lead me to fulfilling my dreams to work for Disney or Pixar Studios Company as a Storyboard artist. Everyone has a talent and they should put it to use because there IS no telling what you could get out of it people should always strive to do their best.

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