My Personal Perspective of Sustainability

Although I don’t incorporate as many environmentally healthy habits in my life as I would like [0, I still do small tasks like recycling or walking when I can. I do think that we need to be more aware of the environmental issues that are happening right now and I would love to see a big movement happen. I feel that the reason why I and so many other people fail to live more sustainably is because of convenience and perhaps geographical location Often times, driving a car is the only way to get to where you need to be and not everyone can afford an electric or hybrid cart I think that it is only a matter of time before we run out of natural resources and I strongly believe that in our advanced technological era, there must be a way to create a new resource that we can rely upon Sustainability, to me, means living efficiently with as little wasted energy/resources possible I live sustainably in small ways like recycling or walking rather than driving, but I do have to note that the foods I consume are almost always imported or heavily processed (which uses energy/natural resources to get to my table).

  One way to improve my sustainability would be by eating more locally grown produce and to take public transportation rather than calling a taxi or driving I appreciated the visual style of the first Youtube Video, “Sustainability easily explained“, and I found it interesting how not all of the products that are claimed as sustainable are actually sustainable, I do wish that there was some kind of background music playing (something similar to the Youtube Channel “AsapScience”) to get rid of that “textbook” toner In the Video “Environmental Sustainability”, I really enjoyed the simplicity of the video.

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The simple layout made it very easy to follow the facts listed in the Video and I think presenting short facts on each screen made it even easier to remembers One fact that stuck out to me was about how rising sea levels will cover low lying islands and that made me wonder, do islands like those that make up Hawaii count as low lying? Have any of the islands of Hawaii been affected by the rising sea levels? In the last Youtube video, “Why we Need to Think Differently about Sustainability,,,”, I really loved that this was a TED talk because I watch quite a few on my own time. I found this especially interesting because I’ve always known about the environmental disasters that are happening, but I never really thought about the measures that we’re taking to stop them. I’ve never heard of the Montereal Protocol and it was reassuring to know that we are active in the issue of the ozone layer. I also loved how inspirational and passionate the speaker is; I found it interesting that she said that self preservation is an important part of sustainability because I‘ve always thought of sustainability as giving up certain luxuries/performing more selfless acts. But from this talk, I learned that another reason why people may be hesitant to change their ways is because they want to keep the same quality of life

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