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My Personal Health and Wellness Plan Essay

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With my personal health and wellness plan, health and wellness are related terms. We define health as a state of well being that encompasses mind, body, spirit and community. Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions towards a more balanced and full filling life. With my personal health and wellness plan, I am looking forward to improve my health and being through a stable plan to secure a happy life. I believe this plan can rejoice with my family and loved ones.

My plan helps me cover different aspects of life.

Such as:

Measurable goals:

I have a plan to lose around 10 pounds by doing exercise and brisk walk for half an hour. Participation in higher education program to give babies and toddlers quality care, based on current research on social, emotional, cognitive and development.

Elements of physical fitness and nutrition:

I do daily workout to improve my physical fitness and take healthy and balanced diet.

Nutrition plan
Breakfast – Light Breakfast.
Morning snack – Tea and rich fibre cookies.
Lunch – Home made sandwich.
Dinner – Proper meal with my family members.
Stress management:

For stress management, I do pray daily and meditation before bed time. Mostly I go to Gurudwara for mind relaxation. Read holy books and take guidance from books.

Spend more time with family members and children and try to take advice from them.

Financial management:

Being financially stable is as integral part of personal wellness. Managing cash flows risks through risk management and insurance techniques. Planning for the reduction of tax liabilities and freeing-up of cash flows for other purpose.

Social need:

Helping others and being able to recognize the contributions of others fulfills the esteem needs. Finding people and make connections contributes to love and belonging needs. Work together on a shared problem helps meet the self esteem. It is easier to maintain a health and wellness program if you build in rewards. This is especially important if you have had difficulty staying on a diet or exercise program in the past.

The reward should be smaller and more frequent in the beginning with a continuous build up toward a big reward once major goals are reached. A special vacation might be an ultimate reward. New clothes, jewellery or other luxury items might be an intermediate rewards. But you don’t get a record unless you complete the plan and reach the goals you set of yourself. Of course that would be its own reward, but it’s our health and wellness – work steady and hard and then enjoys our self.

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