My Personal Experience in Programming

The first time I discovered programming was during a visit to my father’s workplace. It was there that I learned the AutoCAD program which helps engineers do their jobs and it fascinated me. The program allows me to employ all the physics concepts that I learned so I could model and visualise my ideas effortlessly. My enthusiasm for finding out how things work and seeing creativity as a medium to express my inner self inexorably led me to pursue engineering.

Since then, I have become aware of the personal fulfillment of my career in the future. Related to my studies, Mechanical Engineering appeals to me as I could create something newer with my inquisitive mind and as an inventor.

To follow the right path of becoming an engineer, I actively involved myself by joining the robotics club at secondary school and represented my school at a robot fair. Taking part in an open challenge was exacting but all of my hard work paid off when I received the “Best Creative Award”.

Firstly, I took a step by learning the Arduino programming language and LEGO Mindstorms to build a robot that could be hope in saving the environment. It was there that I had to make a difficult decision in making the robot design as my partner had a different idea, so we did a great thing by making our design of a robot that will work together to save plants from dying. We managed to finalize our design by making the robot spraying the water right into the dirt around the plants’ stems and put the nutrients solution system beneath the soil.

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The plants themselves got a soil sensor, which we used to calculate the time of water or nutrients remaining.

I enjoy playing video games one of my favorites is Besiege which is a physics-based game that allows me to build modern vehicles and has shown me how they are put together from a collection of mechanical parts. All the help given from this game aided me to become the second runner up during the Sumo Robot Competition where I built the fighting robot. The challenge I endured throughout the competition was I had to minimize the size of the robot as there was a specific rule about this. I also learned basic editing skills in Photoshop and After Effect. This software ameliorated my skills to become more creative as it enriched my knowledge and skills.

I was recognised as being dependable and was assigned to join the Student Representative Council in school. This position helped me in assisting fellow students in having their voices heard and sharing experiences. As I had to frequently talk terms with students for academic talks, I conjointly managed to develop confidence and communication skills. I managed to keep obtaining the Principal awards every semester due to determination and perseverance. Achieving Bronze and honourable mention award for the Beaver Competition shows that from concepts of computational thinking, I could solve problems creatively and critically.

I was excited to get an offer from MARA to continue my studies in A-level Engineering. As a full sponsorship student, it was a step closer to my dream of becoming an engineer. At the college, it was obligatory to have group discussions to increase my knowledge and hence to improve my academic performance. These increased my information thoroughly with its detailed A-level syllabus especially Physics which has enhanced my analytical approach to problem-solving. I look forward to furthering my knowledge in thermodynamics, mechanics and kinematics problems. I particularly enjoyed reading about engineering marvels which have made wonderful exploration in the world.

I truly look forward to continuing my degree in the UK in mechanical engineering where I shall benefit from the expertise there and also from the experience of a new cultural environment. With all that, I humbly believe to have the ability and self-motivation to learn at a higher level, and the dedication to see my course through to the end.

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