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My Personal Experience in Pharmaceuticals

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about wanting to help others dealing with illnesses. Early in my life I was diagnosed with alopecia areata, sudden hair loss that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. This unfortunate condition forever changed my life starting when I was nine and still to this day. I’ve dealt with hair loss on my head and body, so people would always ask me what happened to my hair or if I had cancer.

Going through this was a tough process at a young age, but I took this as a desire to want to aid others who have to deal with this condition. Since then, my thirst to assist others aggrandized as my goal has been to become a pharmacist when I grew up. I’ve always wanted to find a medicine that can grow hair back and reopen hair follicles so that kids don’t have to deal with the horrendous struggles that alopecia patients deal with.

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Being afraid to go outside because of what other people might think or not fitting in as a bald person were thoughts that ran through my head as a young kid. However, as I entered high school and eventually college I always kept my main target in mind. My main target has been to obtain my Doctor of Pharmacy degree, so that I could help patients with their illnesses and conditions. My mother has also dealt with a tough lung disease since I have been in high school and she has gone to multiple doctors and the hospital numerous times.

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She would take various medications and it would temporarily help her cough, but later on her cough would return. Having to see my mom deal with this adverse disease made me depressed, but increased my desire to want to go into the medical field as a pharmacist who can assist others.

My immediate goals are to become a licensed pharmacist with long-term goals of opening up my own pharmacy. My educational background has positioned me into meeting these goals as a future college of pharmacy student. As a cell biology major taking my introduction to biology courses at UC Davis, my interest peaked as I enjoyed learning about various bacteria on the phylogenetic tree. Upper division classes such as microbiology and organic chemistry have helped me understand reactions and properties of various organic compounds as well as the influence of microbes in the world. As a student intrigued by pharmacy, learning about interactions with cellular processes of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria through medications were appealing aspects of microbiology at UC Davis. I was passionate to not only obtain a good grade in these courses, but to understand how significant science is with understanding life processes and how relevant this material is in our everyday life. Also, I have actively sought and participated through experiences like job shadowing a licensed pharmacist, which have increased my interest in this line of the medical field. I am also in the process of obtaining my pharmacy technician license so that I can work more collaboratively with a licensed pharmacist and perform more pharmacy-related functions as a pharmacy technician. This will help me obtain even more professional experience before starting my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I am highly invested into effective and safe medication use for patients that can help them deal with their illnesses. This realm will help me become more knowledgeable about medication use and various diseases that plague humans. This further illustrates how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree suits my needs and desires with what I have outlined above. This exemplifies the direction that I want to head into with my future career as a pharmacist.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that my personal, educational, and professional background have well-prepared me for the road that lies ahead. The combination of all these backgrounds will provide me with the perfect opportunity to succeed as a future pharmacist. This will pave the way for me to complete my long-term professional goals as a licensed pharmacist and one day opening up my own pharmacy. My passion for pharmacy has become more steadfast with every course, experience, and personal struggle that I have come across throughout my life. My dedication to the field of pharmacy and intention of effective medication use to aid others have made me confident with a foundation to succeed as a pharmacist. Your doctor of pharmacy program will help me to achieve my goals and dreams of becoming a highly motivated pharmacist in the future.

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