My Personal Experience in Medecine

As a child, I was always curious about things happening in my surroundings as I used to dismantle my toys to learn their working mechanism and internal structure. Well, I thought it’s a childhood curiosity but with the passage of time as I grew, it continued and did not vanish. My continuous grilling from teachers and parents channelized my curiosity into a proper direction. I was raised as a kind human being who believes in sharing her knowledge with others which made me happy and fulfilled.

With my sheer hard work and dedication, I was able to enroll into a Medical School.

During my studies at medical school, I learned to embrace people from diverse backgrounds and cultures which influenced me to bring positive change in my personality and different challenges helped me grow intellectually. I learned to help people and made them feel comfortable in my presence and built a warm connection with them. Initially, I was hesitant to choose a specific specialty in medicines but during my rotations in Internal Medicine, I witnessed detailed and complex nature of different diseases which made me curious to learn more about them and develop a rational approach to reach different diagnosis.

My interest sparked on my encounter with a 45-years old male patient who was suffering from variceal bleeding with underlying liver cirrhosis. I was appalled how a single organ problem can cause multi organ failure. After reading and understanding its pathophysiology, I was intrigued by the mechanism that body tries to compensate in this scenario.

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I found great enjoyment finding answers to my intellectual curiosity and I respect the empathy and timely decision making that is required by an internist.

Throughout my clinical experiences, there have been several cases which has amplified my interest in Internal Medicine. For instance, I remember an encounter with a 38-years old male patient with diabetes mellitus type II who came for cellulitis of right lower leg and it was his third episode during a year which made him concerned about his repetitive admission in the hospital. I spent significant time talking to him and discussing about his health which reflected his lack of insight of his medical condition. Recent loss of his wife also increased his psychosocial stress but I, along with my team, helped him address these issues by educating him about the disease and provide necessary support with the treatment of cellulitis. My most cherished moments were to spend time with patients, to educate them, to express empathy towards their fears and finally witness the improvement that have taken place over the time. All my experiences not only taught me to treat their diseases but also connect with them on personal and humanitarian grounds. I found this holistic approach very rewarding and it solidified my interest to become an internist.

During my rotations in different US healthcare settings as primary care outpatient and hospitalist, I worked with highly skilled and passionate physicians whose determination further aroused interest in me to pursue Internal Medicine as my specialization. Moreover my experiences in different setups have fascinated me to keep growing in this diverse field which not only treat complex illnesses but also build an effective relationship with patients that is of utmost important for me. I perceive the medical practice a profession not just to survive but also to thrive. With my passion for this profession and my comprehensive approach, I like to enroll in a residency program that provides me an insight and great learning environment to have a grip on internal medicine so that one day, I become a leading physician and prove my abilities.

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