My Personal and Professional Development Plan Essay

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My Personal and Professional Development Plan

It is a journey of the self to contemplate all the happenings going on around. I can say that I have reached the middle of the road with regard to my journey in life. I am now entering a new phase of my life. My graduation is almost near. I have to face the new world in order for me to continue my journey on this earth. I remember when I first entered this university. I do not have friends before; I also remember the times when I am longing for my parents. I miss them so much but because of my determination to study here, I managed to cope up with my new environment.

I remember how I felt whenever I’m alone. I also remember the hard times during my first day here. The way of life, the attitudes of the students and of course, the expectations from my instructors and professors gave me some intense feeling of being new to this university. But as days passed I learned how to mingle with them and cope with my new environment. Now, the time is near to end my journey in this stage of my life. My journey in college is coming to an end. I am so excited to face a new period in my life. As I move on to my journey, I want to spend time with my family and catch up with my friends.

I want to go out on a vacation where I can loosen up a bit. I am planning to go to a place where I can relax and think of nothing but myself. By the time I graduate, I will visit my family back in Brazil and I will visit all the places that I’ve been. This will give me time to think about my future; on what path would I take. I will also visit my old friends to reconnect with them, and try to enjoy my vacation there. By the time I go back to work, I will see to it that I will be promoted after five months. I will instill in mind that I need to be promoted, this is my way in motivating myself to achieve what I have planned.

I will also enroll in a university to get a Master’s degree. I plan to get a management degree because I want to have a managerial position in my workplace. We know for a fact that having a greater education gives you a chance to compete in the market that is, having a higher position in a company. I believe that the adult tasks, unique to each period and era of the adult life are intertwined with the issues and problems inherited from our childhood, and are mediated by dynamic pressure from socioeconomic and historical aspects of life from within the cultures and societies where we live.

Helping put our adult lives back in balance with our inner resources, and understanding the contradictions and conflicts built into our life patterns — between who we are and who we want to be, between what we love and what we must do, between our often clashing commitments — this is often the task that underlies the resolution of psychological symptoms and suffering. With these challenges in life, an individual learn to know himself/herself better and try to do something about it.

Each and every one of us has experienced this kind of situation and we try to solve it as soon as the problem arises. Going back to my previous papers I mentioned that I have been into sorrow but I think of positive thoughts to divert my attention and see to it that these challenges in my life will help me grow. I am grateful for the incidents in my life that I have experienced. It made me who I am— a stronger woman. Forgetting and learning from your experiences, makes you more knowledgeable about realities of life. As human being, we have differences and similarities.

Thus, according to Levinson, “human life cycle is universal, yet each life is different”; that both sexes have developmental histories to some extent unique to their own gender, but the overall pattern in the adult development. This follows the same structure of eras and alternating periods. Adult Development Theory helps us see more of our connectedness to the rest of life, primarily through our experience of living within the limits of a relatively invariant, species-specific life cycle, containing nevertheless within it, the creative potential of individual variability (Kitrrell, 1998).

My plan in achieving my goals: personal and professional I mentioned earlier that I first planned to graduate for me to get a decent job. In order for me to get a high grades I would have to keep in mind that nothing is more important than finishing all the requirements needed for me to graduate. One of my mottos this school year was to graduate and find a job that will help me enhance my knowledge about my course. And time is near for me to accomplish my goal with regard to my education. One of my personal goals is to develop my profession and apply the knowledge that I have learned during my stay here at the University.

I want to help others in building their own dreams. I want to have smooth relationships with my co-workers. I want them to know me better. In helping them with their tasks, they will also help me with mine. thus, my growth with regard to personal and professional life go hand in hand, that is, i can develop my relationship with others by making them my friends and at the same time, they help me enhance my professional growth—making good at my job. Doing your job is not good enough to say that you are growing professionally.

An individual needs a harmonious relationship with people surrounding him/her to understand and do his/her work better. In it, the individual will not have any conflicts with his/her co-workers. S/he will be happy and enjoys his/her tasks in the office. Adjustment is the key in making a harmonious relationship with others. It is very important in work and also with personal life, rather than likability, meaning it is more important to interact within your co-workers than to impress them. If a person wants to impress others, s/he must communicate will with others s/he must mingle with them.

In this way, s/he will be understood by them and they may help him/her in his/her endeavor in work. Being friends with your co-workers makes your work load more fun and you will not feel the pressure in doing your assigned tasks. So, I must adjust to the people in my workplace and in the society that I belong. I will see to it that I will not have any conflict with them. I will befriend them to help me cope with the new environment that I enter. I will share my thoughts to them for them to understand me better and try to use it as an instrument in accepting me as part of their company.

I also want promotion, so I am planning to have a higher education, I will enroll for masteral and at the same time do good in my work. I will attend conferences if necessary to help me gain more credentials for the promotion that I want. I just want to achieve this in my first two years of work. After attending masterals, I plan to have my PhD to have a higher position in my recent workplace or maybe I can have a career move where I can improve my ability and skills with regard to what I have studied. But before I achieve these goals, I will develop a clear and highly specific career goals and objectives for myself.

I believe in the goodness and attainability of my goals— I being accountable for the consequences that may occur. I will strive towards reaching my goals and dreams one day at a time. I see my career as a vehicle that will help me take my goals. I will commit myself emotionally and psychologically to turn my dreams into reality. But first, I need to focus on what I want to do, that is, to have a vacation for myself. I will plan my goals base on its attainability—short- and long-term goals. Second, I need to eliminate excuses for not moving forward toward my goals.

I will put my career plan that maps out specific moves I can make toward my goals on a daily basis. From what I have found on my assessments, I now develop an awareness of what I want to do. Two years from now, I want to finish my Master’s degree. Five years from now, I want to have a child and have a beautiful family of my own. And ten years from now I want to have a top position in a company and make a name in the business industry. My ideal job would enable me to grow personally and professionally. This job will help me enhance my ability and skills in communicating with others.

As I graduate from this university, I will step-up for more formal education in order for me to attain my goal. We all know that having a higher education will give you a chance to compete on the job market. This way, I can improve my personality. Having a good job is not enough. I want to get more than what I have. At my recent job, I will try my best to do my job for me to be promoted. Being a CSR, I won’t try arguing with unhappy customers. If I can’t handle them, I better call my manager. I also want to receive feedback about my performance at work once a week.

I will use these feedbacks to improve my work, and to be more efficient employee. I will use my resources to my advantage. Performance is a very important factor for every individual. It is created to assess individual action with regard to how s/he conducted his/her own acts. Interacting with others help someone assess his/her action on how and what should s/he do to act accordingly, that is, behaving in a manner where s/he is supposed to act. Each and every one of us is expected to act in every situation we encounter. An individual could maintain an ideal role within the situation.

As a student, I must study hard and do all my assignments to conform to the rules and regulations of the school. I must act as a student in order for me to perform my role as a student. By doing this, I learned how to assess my work according to the standards of the University. The road to success Happiness is connected to personal effectiveness wherein you feel contentment within yourself. For me, personal effectiveness is doing what you want, getting yourself from where you are to where you want to be, that is, achieving what you want in life.

Thus, it takes a lot of effort to say that an individual is successful in doing the things that s/he wants. Defining personal effectiveness is the same as how we define success. We individuals seek success being intertwined with happiness. We can say that success is having the things that you want—earning money for yourself and your family, getting the highest paying job in town, having all the things that the world offers, and the likes. We define success with regard to tangible and intangible factors— the materials that we use in determining success and the feeling that we feel inside in getting that success.

As I mentioned in my previous paper, I defined happiness as a pleasurable satisfaction, a state of well-being and contentment—being happy of what you have. Regret is a way of depressing yourself of not getting what you want or doing what you should have done. Seeing my mistakes and my weaknesses enables me to improve my worth as an individual. This made me more effective citizen, student, daughter, friend and a partner. And I try to live one day at a time in order for me to achieve my goals in life. In this way, I can avoid myself of feeling too overwhelmed with my limits and emotions.

I will be entering a new page in my life, as I go on with this great transition, I realized that my experiences and the people around me have a great impact of who I am today and what will I be tomorrow. My future depends on how I plan to go on with my life—my future! I can say that I am contented of what I have right now but I am not satisfied of where I am today. I want to explore more of my world. I want to excel from my job and I plan to have a very good life, that is, being successful and all the people around me are happy with what they have, especially my family. Prior to graduation, I plan to have good, if not better grades.

I want to make it better for me to land a job that will help me earn enough money that is salary that will enhance my way of living. I don’t want to have a failing mark. This will reflect my personality as individual. Failing mark means I didn’t do my best to pass my course. In order for me to achieve this, I will read all my reading assignments and complete all the requirements that are needed to be submitted. I will see to it that I will pass my entire exam. I will love and enjoy my course and look at every single test as a challenge in making me more responsible individual.

Taking responsibility in all your actions make an individual is more assertive of what s/he wants to achieve. My family is very important to my life, I want them to be happy with their own life and be successful with their chosen field. I want my mother to be more understanding and I will see to it that she is happy right now. I want her to feel that we, her children love her very much. I want my family to be complete and witness my graduation. I want to share my achievement with them. They are my strength and joy. Without them, I cannot overcome all the obstacles that came my way. They are the one whom I run to whenever I have a problem.

They gave me good advices on how to handle my problems. Even though they are not with me, they are always here in my heart. Daniel Levinson’s theory of adult development Adult development theory presents a vivid understanding of life cycle. Daniel Levinson worked out his theories of adult development in two landmark studies, Seasons of a Man’s Life and Seasons of a Woman’s Life. He argues essentially that the adult portion of the human life span is divided into three eras: early, middle, and late adulthood. Each of these broad eras are themselves divided between entry or initial stages and ending or more-or-less stable stages.

Think of the difference and quality of the life structure and goals of a 24 year old as compared with a 34 year old, and you will get a sense of the internal changes that occur within otherwise specific eras, i. e. , both a 24 year old and a 34 year old would be considered young adults within the Levinsonian perspective. The divisions between the life eras are marked by significant transitional periods that can last for some years. Life during these shifts can be seen as rocky or smooth, noisy or quiet, but the quality and significance of one’s life commitments often change between the beginning and end of such periods.

I chose this theory to plan my future because it enables me to think of the differences and similarities of characteristics between the two sexes and also to compare the experience of the adulthood with the late-adulthood stage and the other stages of life as discussed by Levinson. This theory reflects essential changes that adults undergo. Thus, it provides a clearer view of what reality is. This theory can be applied in planning on with your life. It will make you aware of the things that you don’t bother to know. This will help you analyze your work and performances as part of the society.

This will enhance your knowledge about your role in the society. This will enable you to view things in a broader way, i. e. , having a positive outlook in life in entering the new phase of your life. This theory also presents a good foundation for understanding goal setting of individuals entering into particular adult stages (Minter & Samuel, 1998). If you know your goals, probably you will know where you are heading to. This perspective on adult development is important for us, adults to understand. This will enable us to resolve important transitional issues during the vital periods in our lives.

Thus, each transitional period is needed so that changes in individuation and relationships are attained by concerned individuals (Wheeler-Scruggs, 2008). This model is created to promote individuation and build relationships among individuals that they may use in getting what they want in life. These changes bring greater sense of autonomy and give a greater expression and achievement of one’s self-potential (Wheeler-Scruggs, 2008). Thus, individuals go through the various stages and transitions in order for them to become more self-reliant.

Its nature is focused on building characteristics that would help the individual attain his/her personal and professional goals. It is also used to create rapport with each and every individual concerned. This would help the individuals reach their goals. Building rapport is very important in making your goals attainable. If you communicate well with other, they will help you achieve your goals by giving you information that you need. For instance, as a CSR I need to build rapport to the customers for them to give a positive feedback in which they will be nice to me thus, making my work easy.

And with regard to my co-workers, I need to build rapport for them to help me in my job, giving some advices if I experience some difficulties in my job. Thus, this will help each and every one to improve their work and at the same time develop personal relationships. As I have mentioned earlier, we need each other in order for us to grow. With the help of others, we will achieve the set goals we planned for ourselves. As I assess my performance, I see my potentials to be growing. These potentials include my leadership ability and interpersonal skills which I can use in communicating at work.

I will try to develop my weaknesses into strengths for me to improve myself, personally and professionally. This will also be of help to us in communicating with each other. Every student must know that they need their teachers for them to gain knowledge and improve their way of thinking. The teachers may help their students in developing their potentials and skills which they will use in communicating with others, most especially with regard to their work. Conclusion After planning all my walks in life, I would like to slowly acquire my goal. I will stick to my plan.

As I have said earlier, I want to achieve my goal one step at a time. I believe that all my plans are reachable. I divided my plans into two: long-term goal and short-term goal. I would focus first on short-term goal: to be promoted in my work, to have a vacation with my family in Brazil, to visit my friends, to extend my family by having a new French bulldog in my house, and to graduate; and then work on to my long-term goals: having a good life with my own family and for my mom to be happy with what we, her children have achieved in life, and be one of the best Psychologist in town.

This assignment enables me to reflect on how I manage my life after graduation. I have learned that in order to succeed in life, an individual must look at all the aspects of life before planning his/her future, that is, reflecting on the experiences s/he had and planning the future. Thus, development means assessing your own life and making all the necessary steps to achieve my goals. I learned that in order to achieve your dreams, you must decide to for Utopia, which means going beyond the reach of the society until we overcome the obstacles that stand in our way.

These obstacles include negativism, fear, depression, and the problems they create— discouragement, economic stagnation, crime, drug dependency, family distrust, etc. At this moment in my life, I can say that I have achieved something for myself—overcoming the obstacles that came my way. This helped me have a positive outlook in life. Thus, I will prioritize myself, of what I want to do and where I want to go. Through this process I will know that I will be a successful psychologist someday. References

Kitrrell, D. (1998). A Comparison of the Evolution of Men’s and Women’s Dreams in Daniel Levinson’s Theory of Adult Development. Journal of Adult Development, 5(2), 105-115. Minter, L. E. & Samuel, C. A. (1998). The Impact of ‘the Dream’ on Women’s Experience of the Midlife Transition. Journal of Adult Development, 5(1), 31-43. Wheeler-Scruggs, K. S. (2008). Do Lesbians Differ from Heterosexual Men and Women in Levinsonian Phases of Adult Development? Journal of Counseling & Development, 86(1), 39-46.

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