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Parents Make the Best Teacher to Their Children
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“Nothing is secure when you become a parent, except the love you have for your children” Dr. Samuel Caddish. As a personal opinion, I would agree on that, parents make the best teachers to their children because they are the ones who begin the whole education, from the first word to the first steps, they are the ones who love them the most so they’d give their best as teachers. According to Pablo Riba (missionary in India) many Indian parents…...
The legal requirements relevant to inclusive practice
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A practice is said to be inclusive when a setting make everyone feel welcomed and gives all children in their care equal opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. This can be done or achieved when the various needs and diverse lifestyle of children and their families are factored into the settings planning, be it weekly, monthly or yearly. (Tassoni P., 2005:245) Because this is such an important aspect of caring for children and young people, there are some legal…...
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