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"My Papa, Mark Twain" Study guide

What is a fact?
Something that can be proven, such as “My hair is brown”.

What is an opinion?
A person’s judgment or belief.

What are examples of clue words to indicate it is an opinion?
“I think” “wonderful” “annoying” “horrible”

What is Mark Twain’s real name?
Samuel Clemens.

Who is the author of “My Papa Mark Twain”?
His daughter, Susy Clemens.

How do you know this selection is written by Mark Twain’s daughter?
She calls him Papa.

What can a daughter’s perspective add that another author could not?
Personal details about the subject as a father and a family man.

What are text features?
Picture, graphs, italics, captions, etc.

What does the author’s perspective, or viewpoint show?
The author’s opinions or feelings about their topic. Susy Clemens showed her feelings about and interest in her father, Mark Twain.

What is the author’s tone?
She is admiring and proud of her father. The tone indicates the writer’s mood, voice, and attitude. It can be loving, angry, depressed, sympathetic, etc.

How does Susy describe her father’s personality?
Absent-minded, humorous, and kind.

What happened when Mark Twain opened the window in the mahogany room?
The burglar alarm went off like it’s supposed to.

Why does she include this example?
It shows her father is not a logical thinker.

What does Susy say people never describe well?
Mark Twain’s apperance.

How does Susy describe her father’s looks?
He is striking, with a Roman nose and a wonderfully shaped head.

What book does Susy think shows her father’s kind, sympathetic nature, even though he wasn’t known for having one?
“The Prince and the Pauper”.

What does consequently mean?
As a result of.

What are examples of possessive pronouns?
His, her, their, our, your, my

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