My Own terms and conditions of my contract are that I work

My Own terms and conditions of my contract are that I work 30 hours a week, with a 15 min break. This is a full time contract, school holidays as paid leave, and because I’m an apprentice my contract states that I must have 20% course work working time during the week

The information shown on my pay statement would be net pay, pay, taxes and pension scheme if I am in one, I would also have tax codes and national insurance number.

In the event of a grievance I would call up three people, my line manager, head of cover supervisor and our learning support admin to explain the situation and tell them why I may not be at work , this makes sure I am covered if I have time off from the situation

The information which should be kept up to date should be my home address and important phone numbers, emergency contacts and medical records.

The ways if working at my current employers is supporting pupils from a variety of backgrounds, who may have a range of learning and/or behavioural difficulties, support the teacher in managing challenging pupil behaviour and promoting positive behaviour, support the social and emotional development of pupils, reporting any issues when required.

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To safeguard all students and report any issues regarding a child’s wellbeing.

My role fits the delivery of the service by I am maintaining the school’s reputation and setting a good standard of work. Making sure I follow my schools uniform policies by dressing correctly and dressing smart.

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Attend all staff training days and any other staff training sessions and finally keeping myself up to date with all the schools policies and procedures

There are many different types occupations opportunities in secondary education, there is the a teacher where you can teach one or multiple subjects and then improve of that to become a head of a subject, also with this qualification in teaching you can work in post 16 education, special schools which work with disabled and special need students or pupil referral schools which deal with children which have been excluded from main stream schools due to behaviour issues and other reasons

The sources of my information of certain careers path are Prospects which is a website which covers all types of teaching from early years to secondary, which covers universities, undergrads and working within a school and being able to go on the university course

My own path way would become a teacher, this would mean I would have to go into higher education to get a degree for teaching; this would take a few years to obtain and would make me a qualified teacher in either primary or secondary education

The public have raised concerns on a number of occasions within the sector of late by media coverage on the television, this includes the Rotherham scandal in which more than a thousand children were sexually abused , social workers, Teachers and other services in the public sector ignored warning signs they perceived teenage girls to be “making their own choices”. However, it also concluded that social workers did not follow current guidelines and legislations which are there to protect these young girls. After this event there was a big up shift in child exploitation training and workshops especially in upper and secondary schools also now all referrals to social care of children over the age of 12 are also now screened for signs of sexual exploitation.

With the issue I have talked about above there were many viewpoints, many were pointing towards their concerns with the governing bodies which are there to protect young children, they lost trust and belief with social services, police and any other authorities involved in the case. Also during this time there were major government cuts, this means most authorities couldn’t afford specialist least thing would be the authorities not keeping up to date with the newest legislations and regulations. All of these reasons are understandable why the public would have many concerns

The views of the public sector have decreased rapidly in the past decade or so. Multiple high profile incidents being reported nationally, highlighting the issues within the public sector, this includes letting down victims in a lot of situations and not putting 100% effort into cases, also not taking them seriously when allegation have been made, the big main channels have had multiple programs and stories of these incident’s within the public sector by sending an individual in to discover the issues.

Over recent years there have been a few changes within my area of work, this includes a big campaigning to do with prevent which stops extremism before children are radiated, this covers safeguarding of the children and data sharing also during this time GDPR has been released as new legislation , this makes sure Information is accurate, up-to-date and clearly distinguishes between fact and opinion, the information you have is shared within a time span to cut the risk of having missed opportunities when it comes to safeguarding and to stop an incident occurring before it escalates and finally Information is shared in an appropriate, secure way

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My Own terms and conditions of my contract are that I work

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