My Naughty Brother

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Whenever you go to my house you will hear me and my brother quarreling. Today, as I walk to my room I quickly took my Mr. Midnight book and read. I opened the page slowly. I kept the first page in good condition because the author, James Lee has signed it. Later when the clock stroked nine, I went to the TV room to watch a movie with my parents. After an hour, I went back to my room. Then, I realized that my brother was not with us the whole time.

I felt bad things are going to happened. When I reached my room hurriedly, I went to my desk .But I couldn`t find my book .I went to my brother`s room. Little did I know, my brother was tearing my book?

When he saw me he said:’ Good paper.’ At that moment, I was so furious that I beat my brother hardly. He cried so loud that my parents heard it.

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My parents came up to see what was going on. At first, they wanted to scold me. But when they saw my brother`s hand was holding my book pages. They make him apologize to me. My brother apologized to me softly. That night, my father promised me that he would buy a new book for me. In my room, I was trying to stick back the torn page that my brother tore. From that day onwards, my brother was not naughty like he used to .

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Now we have a very good relationship .

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My Naughty Brother

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