My name is Zuo Jing the Associate Professor from the School of

My name is Zuo Jing, the Associate Professor from the School of Communication, Yunnan Normal University. It is a tremendous pleasure to write on behalf of Zhao Hanying, one of my favourite students to support her application to your university.

I came to acquaintance with Hanying in the Creativity and Planning of Cultural Industry course. Hanying is the type of student who loves learning and is one of those rare students who studied assiduously and diligently. In my class, I emphasize on cultural advertising packaging, design and writing of promotion plans for products.

Hence the main teaching and assessment method of this course is to write research papers and conduct class presentations. Unlike other students who felt tedious and confusing, Hanying, however, took every assignment seriously. Once I asked them to choose a product and finished research on its creativity and promotion planning. Hanying chose the wax painting, one of the ancient folk textile and dyeing handicraft of ethnic minorities in China.

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As far as I know, Hanying was the only student who got involved in the wax production process to learn. She never stopped striving for excellence and distinguished herself in my course by receiving the highest grade (95 out of 100) in the school.

Hanying is also highly regarded by her classmates for her strong leadership, exceptional organization and executive ability and teamwork skills. As the team leader, she was good at assigning tasks to every member based on their strengths. Besides, her excellent language skills can always help her grasp the key points in the analysis and design of copywriting.

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I enjoyed having Hanying in my class, for her impressive framework of knowledge, distinctive written paper for the logical presentation of ideas, innovative modern concepts, and the big smile on her face whenever you meet her.

Another quality I appreciate is that Hanying neither confine herself to academic nor letting the thirst for knowledge rule her life. She actively participated in various kinds of extracurricular activities both on and off-campus. She is the office director in University International College Communist Young League. I am also impressed with her volunteer service throughout her busy study at university, while kept outstanding academically.

I would have to say that Hanying is as impressive a young lady as I have come across in my career. Her maturity, diligence, intelligence and curious about knowledge are notable strengths which will stand her for sure. If more information about Hanying is needed, please feel free to contact me.

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