Career Goals in the Film Industry: My Motivation & Objectives

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From a very young age, I was taught to idoliae all iorms olcinoma culture. My Iather – a sell-proclaimed cinephilo, had me watch highly praised iilms early in my youth Aside Irom the expected, animated Disney movies or my generation. I grew up admiring movies such as Fight Club. Showshanlt Redemption, and Rear window, despite my modicr‘s arguments about what was “appropriate“ Ior my age. Such exposure to movies ol this caliloor Irom so young on age nourished my deeply rooted appreciation lot the art oI him, However.

it wasn‘t until I watched one movie. in particular, that my ambition and enthusiasm lor participating in the cinema industry really sprouted, Hobgoblins was. by lot, the most unacceptable and appalling “10le on which I have over wasted my time, Even at the mortpcrioncod ago oI tivolve. I could distinguish that this movie was unlit to he soon lry the general public. I (nuldn‘l possihly imagine why anyone would want to suhyoci him or horsolI to this kmd oi painIul, droadIul oscapado, The moment the credits rolled.

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I promised to dedicate mysoll to learning moro about the craIt ol quality lilmmahing in order to compensate ior what Hobgobllns lacked, Tho idea uI treating the umhmhahlo always ouiicod me, since childhood, I have always viewed tho world ol motion pictures as limitless, allowing my already suhstantial imagination to grow lurthor. I could visualito what lilo would he like wurkmg on tho hustling sots oI Hollywood studios. mud to big name directors such as Goorgc Lucas or Stovon Spiolhorg, Iahricaiing an onuro story and world out ol a simple idea, I envisioned myselI working as their producer, showcasing my Orgamunulml and creative airilitios.

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which were surprisingly impressive lot a child. Considering I wdsn’l onuroly aware or what a prudutur’s obligations entailed. that was ahoui as lat as tho Iantasy wont.

Nonetholoss, I’ve always heliovctl there was something more to my childhood aspirations , a morsol oi roal amhiiiou, Since then, I have iniormally stutliod hooks .qu movies in order to lurihor understand this (umplux industry, while participating in and producing my own minor, amateur lilming pru|ucLs. Every hooh ahout motion pictures I can lay my hands on, ovory movie I L‘xpcncnu‘, and every project 1 start only thivos me to walk harder toward a caieci in cinema In addition |u gaining a theoretical knowledgo ul’ itlmma mg, I have always enjoyed photography as a hohoy, and have practiced it throughout my lilo. One ol the major rroaiivc intluoncos in my lilo is a prolossional Ironi this liold who has at od me in my iochnical growth ol lighting, composition, and narrative photography hithard Avedan is iho luromosi ot many creative intluences that l have always respected, During my senior year ot high school, I participated in an advanced platoinent studio art couiso on photography, which rL-qullL-d me to choose a iamons photographer to emulate. u ‘ng Avedun as a mentor, I studied his walk in order to develop a concept. and create a narrative Ior my aitwork. Avedoii’s work is mainly comprised of portraits, however, a lot ol his lamous portraits were an evaluation at age and beauty in modern society – a concept I value, Avedon always managed to give his suoiects character and dcpih witliiti their portraits. By utilizing this concept, I developed my own collection or portraits that depicted various personal issues.

With which trinity individuals struggle with today, Avcdou taught me how to give suoyects prolundity aitd culnplnxny using. not only content. but lighting and composition. as well. Anallmr principal. creative inlluence in my worlt. and someone who has assislcd me with character development, is Darren Almllsky. a man whose work in the that industry I much admire. His illustrations oI individuals who sell-dostruci due to their obsessions represent a distinctive style that he siiccessiiilly modornizod His cynical, yet artistic approach to personal iiiaiuration in his tiarratives is relrosliiug, and he is able to portray it uniquely. Even in Ieatures he didn’t write, out only directed such as Black Swan, his ability to depict the cllaracler’s demise in a visual sense is inspiring and provocative. In Iuture assignments, I hope to croate similarly dynamic arid intellectually stimulating stories, whlle displaying them in a visually Iascinaiing way, as well. In the long run, I strive to gain a higher understanding oi the citieina industry and every aspect oi how a variety oI motion olcrnres are produced and execuled. My u nnare goal rs to secure a rewardlng oosirion as a respecled producer or ednor, ns lhose occupanons would losrer my lmaglnalive oorennal. as well as my nrganizalmnal and rndnagenal dexrcriry. Nevenheless, collaburming wnh a learn ol lllghly knowledgeable expens lor my personal, and orolessronal gmmh would he ldeal lor my open rnrnd, oasslon, nnd creanve dnve l belleve lhe envrronrnenr, curnculunr, and srall or Flunda smc wlll pmvldc me wnh rne mosl comprehensive and vlgomus learnrng expenence uvallablc lo srudenls “may. The college ol Monon prcnrre Ans wrll [urnlsh me wlfll llre professmml expernse necessary to succeed rn lllls rrade. Whemer l end up worklng on smull~budgol rndependenr lrlnas, or large-scale Hollywood olochhusrers, bL-lng n pan ol rnrs lreld wlll he mwardlng enough.

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