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My Mother

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My Mother
Life without someone who loving us is just like an empty
world. All people in this world have their own person who always takes care of them. So do I. She is the only one, ‘my mother’. My mother is Beautiful, a very helpful to a family member and a caring person.

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My earliest memories of my mother was her pretty face, beautiful smile, and small frame.To me she was the most beautiful woman on earth and nothing compared to her.

Even though she was unlike the celebrity moms who wore designer clothes and ate in fancy restaurants, my mother was very real.My mother has a light color skin. She wears a black ,long and bouncy hair. She is 5’2 in height and she is skinny.She has a big, brown eyes. My mother is beautiful just the way she is,without even trying to do anything.

Like most mother, my mother teaches me to do house chores.

I remember when I was still 13 years old, my mother teaches me how to cook. She became my inspiration as I grew up. She is always there to help each member of the family. Eventhough she was tired working in the morning she is always there to cook us dinner and make each member of the family happy.My mother is always there to help with my other relatives too. She is willing to help whenever my relatives from Philippines whenever they needed help.

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Even though there were four children in the family, my mother never played favorites.But rather, made appoint to be fair and equal with all of her children. Whenever I admitted to making a mistake, Mom would not hesitate to point it out to me, and punish me if needed. At times I detested it but over time I came to realize that Mom did that because she had my best interests at heart. She was never one to hold grudges for long.Like most mothers, my mother was very protective of me that often times I resented her for being so.I did not understand why she had to constantly ask about my whereabouts:Who I was with and where I was going. It never occurred to me that this was an essential part of being a mother.A mother cares and worries for her children.

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My Mother
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