My Mom: The Best Mom Ever

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From the beginning of time everyone has always had that one person in his life that he admires. Being a mom and raising six kids is not an easy thing to do, but somehow my mom has managed to accomplish this big task God has given her, These three characteristics that my mom possesses perfectly describe the way she lives today. My mom Shirley 7 known as Mamma Shirl by close friends — is the person I most admire because she is supportive, loving, and hard- working.

No matter what my mom has to do in any given day, she always makes sure that she is my biggest supporter at every school event, social event, or soccer game, She is always on the sidelines cheering me on at all of my soccer games She goes to all the parent teacher conferences and knows where I stand halfway through the quarter. She is always supporting me to do my best and excel in schoolt She serves on so many committees at Jesuit such as the mailings, the bazaar committee, and the gala committee, Most importantly, she is loving Everything she does towards me is out of an act of love.

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When I come downstairs in the morning she already has my lunch made and ready to go.

When I get into the car in the afternoon she asks me all about my day and school. Every night before I go to bed she makes sure my homework is coming along well, and sometimes she will stay up with me until I finish.

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The smallest things she does towards me all show me her love. Although she has never had a job after she got married, she is hard-working and always says she has her own job of raising six children and keeping the household straight. She is in charge of everything that goes on around my house and makes sure everything is always running smoothly, She schedules all hair, dentist, and doctors‘ appointments for us, She is constantly driving around town picking up kids and running errands. She washes and folds all my clothes and makes sure I have everything ready for the day. She makes sure every bill is paid on time, that there is dinner on the table every night, and most importantly that she has enough time at the end of the day to spend with her family. These three characteristics describe the way she lives life to the fullest, I cherish each and every single moment together because I know that one day she will not be there for me to fall back on, to depend on, or to love, At the end of the day, I really do look up to her and strive to fill in her shoes because she is my mom, and most importantly what I like to refer to her as: my best friend.

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