My Mental State While Fencing

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During all of my fencing matches, I pay attention to every single little detail and movement that my opponent is giving away. Every sudden movement, footstep, and breath is intel that I can use to my advantage. Fencing in a national tournament provides a lot of stress. If my emotions take over while I am fencing, it could cause a shift in my fencing and a downward spiral. If I want to be the national champion for fencing, everything must be perfect.

Along with perfection, I needed to be relaxed. While I am fencing, I focus on the mistakes that my opponent makes and respond accordingly. If their hand drops for a split second, I take my shot at their hand and score a touch. Patience is a key virtue that is correlated with relaxation. I only have a 0.1-second window to score a touch. Once that window passes, I must wait for another one to arrive. While striving for perfection during a fencing match, any small mistake can cause a downwards emotional spiral.

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Leading up to my Final match in the summer national tournament, I had gone through a grueling 6 hours of constant fencing. While I was physically fatigued, I was also mentally fatigued. As I went through each match, leading up to the final one, my patience and perfection had slowly been dwindling. As my fatigue settles in coming into my final match, I am realizing my self-limits and how difficult it was going to be to achieve perfection.

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Even though I was fatigued coming off several wins before this match, my confidence level was through the roof. These wins had given me the confidence to push through my fatigue and focus on every detail and gain patience. As I approached the line and salute my opponent along with the referee, my mind goes into a calm state. Even though there was this high stress around me, I manage to always stay calm while fencing. I had no clue who my opponent was, so, unfortunately. I was unable to gain any information about the way he fences before our match. The second the match starts, he takes one large step in, and I know that he is going to be an aggressive fencer. That one step gave me all the information and confidence that I needed to win the match.

At this point, I needed to have perfection more than ever. My fine attention to detail had given me information that I needed, but I was being held back by my fatigue. I had worked so hard to that point, but even I knew my self-limits and I was realizing that they were approaching fast. As I was losing more points throughout the match, my emotions were starting to take over. I was losing patience. I was missing more 0.1-second windows and I was not waiting for another shot at it. As this continues, I have a sense of self-realization of what I am doing. To stop my spiral, I need to use my relaxation techniques. I take deep breaths, lower my heart rate and go back to the calm state that I was once in. After a long day, I was physically fatigued, but mentally, I still had some energy left in me.

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