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My Memory Essay


The pollution and smoke seemed to be overwhelmed by the delicious smell of saltwater showing that for a city there was no better place to be arrested. Lights flashed and sirens roared as a speeding car hurtled round the corner just stopping before their own. A tall officer stepped out. Hoping that he would speak English they both blurted out at him. But this small glimmer of hope to clear there names was snatched as quickly as it appeared. The police whispered together, with very little point.

The pair suddenly became very aware of the fact that they were armed. They police violently pointed at the police car instruction the pair to get into the second, now fearful car. The police followed them in and soon they were of to an unknown location. Hours passed what seemed like an age off traffic jams and road works later we arrived at a very impressive building. Five storeys high and lit up like a firework. This building attracted all attention from the building all down this road. And soon eyes were drawn to a blue politzia sign.

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As they walked there dread surrounding them. They truly understood the phrase don’t “judge a book” by its cover. The smell inside was unbearable and the lights were either flickering or had long but worked. The desks were flanked by the most inappropriate officers whom seemed to be asleep or eating like there last meal. The pair was taken to the main desk were they met a most distinguished woman with purple hair and glasses the size of hubcaps. They said a quick word then went back to doing nothing but trying to decide when her next break should be.

They were lead off down a poorly lit corridor with strange steel doors on each side. each door was the same distance away from each other and the sound leaky plumbing echoed from far away. Along with the odd bang or screech of metal. The pair were lead right to the end were there was a large Spanish flag surrounded by other European flags. This was the translation office, yet it seemed motionless and decrepit. So with disbelief the pair was taken to the closest of the steel doors and pushed inside. They were met by a very dull room with steel hardback chairs on every wall.

There they stayed for the most uncomfortable sleep, like sleeping on a steel great. The thought of unknowing where they were, how long they were going to be trapped there. These thoughts were put to rest the next day when the steel door reopened with a force that cracked the wall behind it. Except this time they were greeted y a squat man in a small pinstriped suit and a moustache that easily could cover his chin. He spoke to them in a very slow patronising voice. “Do….. you…… speak…… English? ” he asked. They both simultaneously replied.

We could not believe this. We now had the chance to clear our names. We both blurted out what had happened. He silenced us very soon and took the farther out of the room leaving the son alone in now what seemed a very scary place. The farther was lead back to the room filled with flags were he was able to explain what had happened. So now the only problem was the locked car. The pair was escorted back to their car were the police used a tricky device to open the car. it was really just like a bit of string that was poked round the door but it did the job.

So then they were left. In the situation that they should have been in 10 hours before. Yet the car was no better off. With a much scratched window and missing a key. This was still quite a problem just one that required more then to tired fools could handle. So they headed to the train station and further to thair beds for some much deserved sleep. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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