My Memories Of School Days and Friends

My first day of school in my first year was so memorable but I felt a little bit nervous also because I was afraid, because I met my new classmates new teachers and new schoolmates. My first friend I met in our classroom was Edwin. Edwin and I, we always teased Charisa Suan that she was a fatty girl, and “WALAY LIGO’’ and Charisa got angry with us. And next was Roi, and Christian, we’ve been friends because of the dota, every our lunch break we went Internet Café without taking our lunch because our attention was focus on the game and we don’t mind our lunch.

Our adviser Ms.Flordelyn Magallanes before but now she is Mrs.Flordelyn Funtanar, she got angry with us during her period because we always came her subject late, and Mam Flordelyn Funtanar began irritate with us and she scolded with me and my classmates. The day I will not forget, when Mam Flordelyn, locked the door of our room, because we came late during her subject, and there we just listened in windows while he discussed our lessons.

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Sometimes during lunch break when we don’t have money we played “Takyan” on playground inside the campus together with my boys classmates. After we played and the bell rang, our clothes was so dirty and we smell sweat. And Mam Flordelyn again got irritated with us, because she said “Mura daw mi ug mga bata’’

Our school have a many activities. In a month of July, we celebrated Nutrition Month.

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In August,Buwan ng Wika. During our Buwan Ng Wika we ate together with my classmates in our room and we enjoyed it. In September, we have an Intramurals, everybody was so busy because of preparations. In our Intrams, we have Litmus Night, every Department has a participant to show their talents. We have also a fieldtrip in the month of January. Fieldtrip was my favorite activity in school. We have 4 Destination in our fieldtrip in Carmelite, Rehab In Sta Isabel and Polanco and last was in Cogon Eco Park, that was so tiring but we enjoyed it the most. In Carmelite when we arrived that placed I saw many children that all of them was have no parents and I thanks God because I have my parents they never leave me, regardless of my bad attitude sometimes, they love for me was so unconditionally.

In Rehab also I saw many young people inside the Rehab. In Cogon Eco Park was the most I enjoyed so much because I saw a few animals there. We took many pictures with my classmates there. In December we have also a Christmas Party, I enjoyed that time, we have also an exchange gift, parlor games, and we ate together our food during our lunch with my classmates and teachers. In the month of February we have two activities that we celebrate, and that was the Valentines Day and High School Night. In during Valentines Day I saw many couple, dating. They have also a booth. Like Marriage Booth, Blind Date and etc. and that was so enjoyed also because I saw many students running because maybe they afraid to put a handcuffs in their hands and brought on stage and to have their fake wedding in front of many people inside the campus.

In our High School Night, was so memorable because it was my first time to attend that kind of activity. I and my classmates performed ‘’Handmime’’ in titled with ‘’Who Am I’’. All my classmates and I wearing all black and white gloves on our hands. And that was teached by our Mathematics teacher before Mr. Asisclo Salaveria.

My Second Year was so exciting because, I’m with my Sophomore life. I went school very early because I’m so excited to see my classmates and specially my new classmates. I want to met with them and to know also with them who are they. When I arrived at school I saw my classmates since in Elementary they are Edwin Romero and Wilromer Ponte we’ve known each other because we’ve came from the same school during our elementary days. When my classmates has not yet came, we have a little chit-chat with my classmates about our Summer Vacation, what happened about their summer vacation and where did they spent their vacation. When my all classmates was came we started our class by giving our teachers scheduled to our subject.

As usual, during lunch break we went to Internet Café to played Dota, but sometimes when we went school we do not late because we’ve early to finish our game. During our last period in afternoon and that was Araling Panlipunan, Mam Alonso always discussing a lessons eventhough it’s time for dismissal to went home but she continue what she doing. And all of us was late afternnon when we went home.

During June we have a parade in Plaza Magsaysay up to Boulevard, that Parade was for Independence Day. In July, Nutrition Month, we make a booth to display ourvegetables and fruits to sell. In August, Buwan Ng Wika we celebrate that also, we have Program, there was also an Competition. In September, was the Intramurals Day, and again everybody was busy because of the preparations for our Intrams, eventhough the teachers also was busy, when the day of Intrams came, the opening was full of people inside the campus to watch specially during the Litmus Night. But before that we have a parade in the morning and mass in Catholic Church and the venue of parade was in Plaza Magsaysay uo to Minaog it was so tiring but it was enjoy also. I attend a cheerdance with my classmates and schoolmates to compete in every Department and we got a Champion of that Competition. In December, was our Christmas Party, we brought food and our adviser that time was Mam Teresa Acaylar, we have also an Parlor Games. In February, Valentines Day and also a High School Night. During Valentines Day, I’ve saw again a different booth conducted by SSG officers. There was again a Marriage Booth on stage, a dark room for Blind Date. And after that day was our High School Night, I wear a long sleeve and Amercana. And after I arrived in the venue, the top Plaza Hotel. I saw my boys classmates, and we went to the CR, borrow the Digital of April Grace and we took so many pictures with my classmates. And when the program started everybody was so happy. And we have an also a Disco.

During my third year days, was so happy because finally I’m in my Junior Life. Third Year was so difficult for me because there was so many reporting in every subject by the helped of my classmates I can do it.

Like in first Year and Second Year, in every month we have activity we celebrated. During June 12 that was a Parade for Independence Day the venue was in Plaza Magsaysay up to Boulevard. In July, that the time again for celebrating Nutrition Month, we made again a booth to display our vegetables and fruits that we bring and to compete also who had a booth has beautiful and clean. And there was also a Program on stage contest for Poster-Making. And in August that was a Buwan Ng Wika, there was also an activity on stage, contest for a folk dance and how to harana the girl properly in their house. In September, the Intrams. I attend cheerdance. And in December is our Christmas Party, I gave Rejane P. Bularon a gift to her because I’ve got a chrush on her. And in January was a Valentines Day and High School. In January was fieldtrip in Oklahoma Island and it was a very long trip. And I enjoyed swim in Oklahoma with my classmates. To get the starfish. And I enjoyed also inside the van we laugh with my classmates and having a foodtrip inside the van.

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