My Main Reaction

My main reaction to this section was to be annoyed with Katniss, especially about how she is convinced that Peeta’s kindness is only an act. I think that Peeta seems like he is genuinely a nice person. He gave her bread when she was starving, and he gave her his jacket when she was cold. However, Katniss seems to be convinced that this is only an act meant to gain her trust so that he can kill her easily. While she certainly needs to be wary, since she is about to be thrown into a game where the winner must kill everyone else, Peeta has only ever shown her kindness.

Another reaction I had was to be very curious about Cinna, and why he is different from the other people in the Capitol. Firstly, he doesn’t dress like the others. Secondly, while the other people in the Capitol seem totally oblivious to how unjust things are, Cinna knows that they look despicable to Katniss (Collins 55).

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I hope that we find out more about Cinna in the upcoming chapters of the book.

I also found the way the people in the Capitol dress rather peculiar. I thought in the first section that maybe Effie, with her pink hair and green suit, was the exception. Instead, in chapter 5, Flavius has orange hair with purple lipstick, and Octavia has her entire body dyed pea green. I wondered why the author chose to depict the Capitol’s fashions the way they are.

I chose these quotes because I think they provide insight into Katniss’s character.

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While Katniss is trying to steel herself for the Hunger Games, they show what her true self is like. She has a soft spot for kind people. I think that deep down, she knows that Peeta is a kind person, but she can’t let herself get attached. Despite the bitterness she harbors towards her mother, she still loves her dearly, even though she won’t admit it sometimes. She can’t help but think of her little sister when she sees Rue, who is the same age as Prim. I think that these quotes show Katniss’s true character, despite what might happen in the chapters to come.

A lot of mentoring happened in this section. Peeta and Katniss seem to have three mentors currently: Effie, Cinna and Haymitch. At first, I thought that Haymitch was going to continue being useless as a mentor (after all, they had to practically carry him to the shower after he vomited on himself), but he actually began giving Katniss and Peeta advice in this section. I think he might actually prove to be a valuable mentor to them. I also didn’t think Effie was going to be a mentor to Katniss or Peeta, but in this section she has actually been trying to help them, by giving them advice and trying to find them sponsors.

I think that, in a way, the second quote can be applied to real life. We never know how much time we will have with people we love.

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