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My Locket Essay

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He shuck my by the shoulders, banging my head against the wall. I collapsed to the floor, everything went black, and I woke it to find him on top of me defiling me in the worst possible way. I snapped, I had enough of been pushed around, I would face the devil. He brought his hand back ready to strike, at the same time I brought my foot back and kicked him really hard in the crotch; he doubled over and spat out in shock. He let go of me, he was on the floor doubled over. I looked around me; there was a statue that my dad got mum on their anniversary. Sorry dad, I thought, I turned to the devil still doubled over on the floor.

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“You ruined everything” I swung the statue over the men’s head. He flopped down head first on to the floor, unconscious. He was still breathing. I ran up stairs, got the backpack from under my bed. I threw all I could find in it, clothes, a few pictures of dad and mum, all the money I had, my mobile. I went down stairs with my pack; he was still unconscious in the middle of our living room floor. I ran out the front door, and caught the next train to London. I didn’t know what I was doing I just know that I can’t stay here anymore. I thought there must be a better life but no……

that is how I ended down here in the cold dirty doorway. Chapter 3 I go out around rush hour, when everyone is going to work. I wandered around the middle of the square asking people for money. “Please, some change, spare change” nearly all the time it is the same answer “no” or worse “f*** off” but an odd person would be nice and give me something. I am saving up for a violin. I used to play the violin quite well when dad was alive. I could make some money busking instead of begging. I don’t like begging, it is degrading, but then again how much could I be degraded, I am dirty.

I would do the same in the afternoon, during the day then I would go around the backs of restaurants asking for any spare food, or scraps. Over the duration of my time on the streets I have learnt which are the restaurants where it is worth asking and ones that you have no chance. After, I would go outside shops and restaurants and ask people for money. But we have just got to watch out because some shop keepers move us on, or worst comes they would get security or the police on to us. This has been my daily routine for the last so many weeks, is this the rest of my life, I cannot go back, the shame.

When it was the end of the day and the traffic was thinning the young where starting to come out to party and go to night club. I was in my door of the alleyway. I watched them all having a good time, the laughing and hilarity with friends. I am alone! Chapter 4 Liz locked the door behind her, as she finished a hard day’s work. She had, had a bad day organising the shop, the accounts, helping out customers. “Does this look alright on me? “, “What do you think? ” The clothes she sells are all the range at the moment, so her shop is really busy all day long even when it isn’t the children’s holidays.

Liz really need the hire someone to help out. She ran down the steps….. * I watched the lady closing up a shop, dressed in her stylish black skirt and her expensive white blouse. She jogged down the stairs. What was she doing? She was looking at her phone as she walking into the road. There was a man in the van, paying no attention to the road. I was already running for the lady. * Liz walked out into the road, looking at the text she had got from my husband. “COULD YOU PICK SOMETHING UP FOR LUNCH”, he could never be bothered in make tea. Then she heard it…..

she heard a bellow of a van horn. She looked around and there it was, she couldn’t move, frozen to the spot. Then she heard a voice, a girl was running at here “move, move out of the way” he was coming at speed towards her.  I ran towards her as fast as I could, the van didn’t slow down, he was not looking. Will I make it, the van was still moving at a speed. I bent over ready to tackle the lady out the path of the van. I ran in to the road shouting at her, I felt the impact of her thighs on my shoulder. She screamed, did I get to her in time. Chapter 5.

I looked around me, there were clubber were all around, in shock of what they just witnessed. Just ahead of me was the lady that was in the middle of the road. She had a cut to her head but otherwise unhurt. Down the road the van stopped and the driver came running over to me. Everyone was talking to me at once, everything was a blur. Someone helped me up; he was saying something to me, I couldn’t make it out. The lady came over and sat down beside me, she hugged me and whispered to me in my ear “thank you, thank you for saving my life, how could I ever repay you”.

I was still in shock I tried to stand up but just flopped back down. The lady and the man from the van gave me a hand up. “Bring her to my house it is just over the road. ” The house was enormous; I looked at it in shock. I have really had enough shocks for the day. The lady just smiled at me. We went up the white marble steps up to the dark brown oak front door. They opened the door into a laminate floored hall way, with light brown walls. They took me in the living room. It was huge white walls, cream fluffy carpet, and white and cream fabric sofa. I sat down; it was so warm, I am so grateful for the warmth.

I was freezing in my old, dirty doorway for a such a long time, it seemed like forever. Now I am warm and safe in a gorgeous, modern well kept house. The lady came in with some hot tea and some biscuits. She had, had her head seen to now she had a big plaster on her forehead. Her husband came in after her, with a huge smile on his face. He came up to me and said “thank you, for saving my wife, if you weren’t there I don’t know what would have happened. ” The van driver provided his apologies to the lady; she smiled, embraced him and showed him out of her house.

She came back to the living room where I was gulping down my tea, she sat down next to her husband. She introduced herself. “I am Elizabeth and this is Mike, what is your name? Can we call you family or relatives? ” I shook my head and whispered “my name is Bethany; I left home, I am not going back. ” Elizabeth and Mike exchanged looks. They were in the mid thirties. Elizabeth is quite beautiful with brown hair and blue eyes. Mike looked a bit more official, he had an expensive suit on. I tried to stand up “I better be off, I don’t want to be a burden on you anymore” I stud up and walk to the door.

“Where are you going? ” Mike said as he walked up to me. “Where ever I can” I replied, they are such a nice couple, and they’re doing well in life. Then they blurted out “stay with us at least for tonight till you feel better, we don’t have anyone else living with us. We have lots of space here; we can’t let you go back out there. Please we insist you stay with us”. They smiled at each other, picked up my back pack and showed me to a spare bedroom. Chapter 6 3 years later Well now I am with my new family, I love them so much.

They took me in from the streets; removed my shame and understood my problems. My other family didn’t look for me, they were dead to me. My new family enrolled my into school as soon as possible, gave me my own room and bought me clothes. They treat me like their daughter, a daughter they never had. I have just finished school in the centre of London called ‘All Saints’. I am walking away with 10 good GCSE’s and 2 A Levels. I worked so hard to repay Elizabeth and Mike for all the generosity and kindness, they are my new family; my new mum and dad; I love them so much.

I am going to Cambridge University to study science and politics and have a part time job with my mum and here fashion shop. My locket is still round my neck but now my real family are within my locket and close to my heart. I still love my birth father but Mike and Elizabeth are my saviours. They were not blessed with children, so they adopted me as their own. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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