My Life Goals: What I Want to Achieve

Intro, On this page I will tell you about my goals and I think this will be not fun ,but I wish you guys can enjoy and have a fun! First, My goal is to be a great ice hockey player. Main reason is to be a hockey player because I like hockey, I‘m good at it and i did for a long time. I played hockey for five(5) years , I even practise for 6 hours (EVERY DAY) I practice on skating,ringing.

jump rope,squat and etc. After that I became a better hockey play than before ,so I‘m working hardiiiiii Second, my second goal is to be a pro garner.

Main reason to be a pro gamer is i like to playing games and I’m good I want to go to esports games tournament and be lst place, Even I want to go to battle ground tournament and as same I want to be lst place!!!!! And I like to watch a battle ground youtube Special yunda and kimbule both are youtubers name.

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Final, I want to be a very smart guy because when I’m smart i can live more easier then normal guy and happier. This is my goals and | wish you had fun reading my essay and I know and everybody knows and THIS IS NOT 100% i know but, i tried my best and I did had work thank you for reading my essay.

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