My Life Experience Essay

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My Life Experience

I stand before you today to share with you all my experiences so far here at UWA, and the beautiful city of Perth. To begin with, the 1st and foremost reason that I chose UWA is that it not only is the oldest university in the state of Western Australia but also the only university in the state to be a member of the Group of Eight. It’s also has an international reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and research and stands 96th all over the world according to the Shanghai-Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities, considered to be the most influential international ranking.

Moving on, to share with you all my academic experience in the university so far, The last two months, have been very beneficial, I have had the privilege of being taught by highly learned and experienced professors in a very flexible classroom environment. The lectures are interactive and use of technology makes it all the more interesting. Regular tests and assignments keep us engaged in our studies and group work help us in bonding with our fellow students, thus motivating us to do better.

Now, coming to a point that captures every international students mind before they take up a course abroad-Part time jobs to meet regular expenses and Jobs post completion of course. Well, in this regard I can confidently say that while in Perth no student can complain of unavailability of part time jobs. There are a lot of casual jobs available here in Perth like Wait staff at restaurants, which can be a start-up job and easily accessible even without prior experience. One can also go in for a security licence or can get into store management of departmental stores like Coles or Woolworths and a variety of other options.

Post Completion of course one can expect an average salary of about $50,000- $90,000 and a wide area of jobs opportunities in different streams. The job market on the whole is in a big boom, with WA being the fastest growing state in Australia. Studying in UWA also brings about a lot of integrity among students from different nationalities. Personally, I have come across students from all over the world like Bangladesh, China, N. Korea, Japan, USA, France, Germany, U.K., etc. We learn a lot about their culture, their county, so it truly is an international experience.

Finally, Living in Perth: I love living in Perth it’s great, you have beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and good nightlife and can make great friends, just like anywhere else. Subiaco, Fremantle, Claremont are some of the suburbs that have great coffee culture. So what if there is no Starbucks, we are blessed with Dome, Another chain of coffee shops. And one cannot afford to miss the excellent raspberry and white chocolate muffins that they serve.

As a kid I always heard ” ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY” , holds true, but Perth definitely makes up for all the hard work we put to complete assignments and late hours of studying for tests. From beaches to shopping to warm evenings and sailing. Perth has it all. Thank You.

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