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My Life Experience Essay Examples

Essay on My Life Experience

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Egg Baby Reflection Paper

At some points during the process Kendall was kind of a pain because she had to tag along to literally everything I went to since throughout the process I really didn’t have much money for babysitters but I managed, and some of the places were not suitable for egg babies. I felt I spent a lot of time with Kendall, I mean honestly she went practically everywhere with me! We spent a bunch of time ...

My First Trip to the Beach

It was wonderful because I had never being on a beach, and I had never seen the Sea, so we enjoy a lot and there we met a friendly people who were also on holidays. We get a lot of rest, we went to swim every day, and we had time to know about a group of Indians who still lived in a natural way, without cloths, and their houses were natural tents which are called huts. I enjoyed a lot of and got r...


Since embarking on this new adventure and opportunity to further my career it has allowed me to expand my educational knowledge and know how. It opened my eyes to the many fascinating cultures and diversified ways in which people live, view and cherish their culture and social norms. Unfortunately, with the good there is always bad and I have a new respect for individuals and their challenges when...

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I Believe in Second Chances

Sometimes he couldn’t physically be their for me but, I knew if I ever needed advice or if I just needed someone to vent too, he was a phone call away. I was blessed to find a boyfriend and best friend all in one. I had given up on our relationship the first time and this time around; I would make sure that didn’t happen again. Now a year has passed and we still are together and happier than e...

My Special Day

Such a joyful life has seemed to be colorless after the death of my father. April 21, 2003 was my last celebrated birthday as I never celebrate it after him and try to forget that day which was considered my special day. The day that ones supposed to be full of excitement, joy and the best day of a year is now the one of the gloomiest day. "....remember, I will not even invite you people in my we...

Being 18

Days I spend alone, reading a book and thinking about how I want to see myself in the next 10 years. Then there are care free days when Im out with friends till late in the night, doing everything that teenagers are expected to do and the next morning I feel like a little girl again. I may have become a hard core Brad Pitt fan but my favorite movie is still Lion King, I think about how my friends ...

Drug Addiction in My Life Experience

Never Thought It Would Happen wanted to be there for that family that need someone to stand in the gap for them, I knew that having a goal in life and completing it would be a mile stone for me and I’m determine. So I put it off until the timing was going to be right. In 2006 I decided to take the leap, and enrolled into Pitt Community College. In 2008 Me and started a ministry called Empower Di...

Worst Day Ever

The rain did not show any indication that it was going to stop so Ian decided to rest under a big tree at the side of the field. He certainly did not see this coming. He was completely taken aback when the lightning struck the tree that he was resting under. He ran quickly to save his life. The harsh lightning burned the tree. It was a narrow escape from the tree but unluckily, he burned some of h...

My life experience

The three of us were sent to boarding school at diffent ages I was in year 9 when I was sent to Mt Erin in Wagga Wagga which I hated as most of the girls at the boarding school came from very rich families and whatever they wanted they got were as my parents attitude was if you don't need it you don't get it. I have the same attitude today and I believe that is why I believe My husband and I have ...

My life experience

"It was no one's fault. No one is to blame for what happened," I gave them both a hug. Although the near-death experience didn't have any long-term effects on me, being in deep swimming pool or beach would always fill me with apprehension. Till this day, my sister still blames herself for the incidence although I reassures her countless of time that it was not her fault. I know that she doesn't be...

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