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My life

1.My name is miyuru niwan hettige.I am 28 years old. I was born in Badulla on 10,September,1984.I am the middle in my family. My parents were very happy when i was born. I have one brother and one sister. Brother is elder than me and sister is younger than me. My father was Clark and mother was a teacher. When we were In Monaragala we rented a house. After three years we came to my mother’s home town at Haputhale and built a house there. Since that time we are living In Haputhale.

2.I have done my primary education in B/ Weerakoongama vidyalaya .It is situated in Haldummulla divisional secretariat area. During that period I was very naughty and fight with others. But each term test I was became 1st. In 1995 I was passed year 5 scholarship and I obtain 166 marks as highest marks obtain within the zonal. Then I entered to the Nalanda college Colombo for my secondary education. That is the period which changed my life. Nalanda collage is one of main Buddhist school in Sri Lanka. I was boarded at school’s hostel due to long distance from my home place. At the hostel I learnt how mange myself and. Earlier it was bit harder to adapt to environment and to away from my mother, father, and sister. when I entered to the Nalanda brother also a student there.

Because he also entered to the Nalanda College on previous reason of got through from the year 5 scholarships. However I have done lot of extra activities there. I was member of school Hockey and Football team. Same time I was member and vice president of science society. I have done my O/L exam in year 2000 and I got 7 distinction and 3 credit passes. I have done my A/L examination in year 2003 and I got 1 B pass and 02 C passes. Then I followed a driving course in a learner’s school and obtained driving license. At the same time I applied many applications for various occupations. But Luckily I had a chance to join to Sri Lanka Navy.

3.1st February 2005 was the one of unforgettable day of my life. At that day I joined to Sri Lanka navy as officer cadet. There were 40 officer cadets joined with me to the intake of 42.then we were trained for lead the future war. We underwent lot of hard training at that time period. we got a opportunity to on board INS Tharangani we was able to sail from Colombo to Trincimalee. It was five days voyage and we got lots of experience. I was commissioned on 27 April 2007 as Acting sub Lieutenant. During my training period I was 7th in position.

4.After my commissioning I got my 1st appointment as additional officer onboard SLNS Shakthi ship and complete 8 months there .Then I went to India for my sub lieutenant technical course. I had good experience as well as nice chance to interact with foreign officers and share knowledge with them during that period I went to various parts in India for learn various technical subjects. I secured 6th place in academics among 20 other officers. Same time I visited lot of interesting places in India such as Goa city Hyderabad city, saw some waterfall, ect.

5.In 2008 I returned to Sri Lanka and took over appointment as 3rd in command onboard fast attack craft P437. I had a many battle experience during that period. Because final phase of humanitarian operation going on that time. I was serve fast attack craft until end of the war. then I promoted as Lieutenant on 2009and appointed as 2nd in command onboard fast attack.

6.Craft P417, after that I served onboard ship A523 ,ex princes crishsntha which is took over from LTTE. then I obtained my degree certificate from Kelaniya university, as bachelor of Naval studies. It was a result of 3 year training programme including foreign training. It was the highest education certificate I obtained in my career.

7.After complete 4 year service in various crafts and ships I took over my 1st shore appointment which is additional officer SLNS Elara. It is the oldest shore establish in northern peninsula which controlled by Sri Lanka Navy. Firstly I was appointed as officer in charge of sailors advance training school. In addition I have to look after boat officer duties also.SLNS Elara is the one of nice base I ever served. I think it is honour to serve that kind of environment in northern part of Sri Lanka. Other thing is one of famous Buddhist temple situated In that area as well as all the assistance given by this base. I had very good experience during that period.

Finally I was appointed as manager of naval sewing centre in Delft Island. It is staff officer appointment and I was under commander northern naval area. It also new experience for me and I have to work with civil girls who are in Delft Island. Normally this type of appointment holds by logistic officers. But as a new concept naval head quarters has decided to appoint executive officers for this appointment. I learned about garment field, How to prepare salary, EPF, ETF, how to deal with cheque, who to prepare account, etc. When I turn back it was many memorable incidents in my life. I ‘ill never forget that day I enter to Nalanda collage.It was turning point of my life.

The day I joined Sri Lanka Navy is also memorable for my life. The day that Elam war has ended after 32 years also, one ofthe unforgettable day of my life. I feel proud about my self being part of that humanitarian operation. My father’s expired day was the worst ever experience I ever had. Changed entire my life after that incident. Still painful for remind that incident. Because hero of my life was my beloved father. At that period he was appointed as confidential secretary of examination department. I played many sports during my school period and among them cricket is the favorite game as well as watch cricket is one of my hobby. Other than that I like to visit all over the world. Im still single and expecting to Marie near future.

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