When I was eight, I saw a ghost. I still remember it so vividly, though at that time I didn’t think much of it. The truth is that I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to ghosts and the supernatural, since it’s too complex of a concept for me to even grasp the idea of it. That changed after that day though, as I started to believe all those ghost stories that my grandma and aunts used to tell me during family reunions, and that I, often, pushed aside as simply being fictional.

I grew up in a family that have a very strong belief in ghosts, witches, and all that is included within the supernatural realm. Naturally, my grandma’s house is well known among my relatives for the various paranormal activities that supposedly occur there and growing up we all believed them to be true, though I always had my doubts as I never actually experienced any of those paranormal activities myself.

Located in a rural area of Mexico and surrounded by various mountains, my grandma’s house was home to a black red eyed dog, a woman who is often heard dragging chains around, flying red orbs, and apparently even a dwarf. Though it may seem ridiculous, these were the characters or spirits that my relatives often claimed to have seen wandering around my grandma’s house and close by farm. During my trip to grandma’s in the summer of 2007, however, I was able to finally tell my very first ghost story to my family.

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Thinking back to the different circumstances that I found myself in, I think I was somehow destined to experience my first paranormal incident exactly on that day. It was during one of the family reunions in which I experienced a strange occurrence that could have also been coincidental. It was not noticeable at first but after a while it started to make its presence more known. While playing with one of my cousins, Dani, at my grandma’s house, a small red chested finch appeared close by where we were playing. We simply dismissed it since birds are obviously very common to see flying around. After a while, we eventually got bored and decided to go see the farm animals over at the farm. As we were walking through the long path that led us from my grandma’s house to the farm, Dani and I started to notice that the small finch that we saw earlier was following us. We once again, however, dismissed it as it being another bird of the same species and not the same bird from earlier. However, after we noticed that the bird continued to follow us throughout our walk, jumping from tree to tree, we decided to check if it was really following us or if it was just purely coincidental. Going back to the house and walking towards the farm once again, Dani and I were able to confirm that the bird was indeed following us as we saw how it also turned back and followed us back to the farm yet again. The bird could’ve perhaps expected us to give it some food or something of that sort but at that time, Dani and I were incredibly creeped out by it, so we ran the rest of the way to the farm hoping to have lost the bird. At the end, we didn’t lose sight of the small red chested finch but after getting distracted by the farm animals, we eventually forgot about it. We were reminded once again of its presence once we got to a swing that my grandpa had built a few years ago on a mesquite tree. There, on a nearby tree, was yet again the red chested finch. Not sure whether it was the same one as earlier or not we threw rocks at it, trying to drive it away.

Eventually, the bird did fly away but after a while, we once again were met with yet another strange circumstance. Soon afterward, a dog could be heard in the distance barking. As we were swinging on the swing, the barking seemed to be approaching more closely. A bit bewildered by the situation, as there was nothing or no one nearby, we decided to climb up the tree in case the dog approaching was aggressive. After a few minutes, nothing happened; even though the barking could be heard just a few feet away just minutes ago. We were a bit frightened by the situation as we thought it was somehow connected with the incident with the finch and additionally, we were also to scared to go back home as we were afraid that we could encounter the dog somewhere along the path. Therefore, we decided to wait a few minutes on the swing until the dog went away at least.

During the time we were waiting there, I happened to finally experience my first paranormal encounter, in which my relatives always talked about. I don’t know if the other incidents were somewhat related to its apparition or not, but it almost seemed as if they both led me to look at the direction in which it appeared. While I was on the swing and my cousin was still on top of the tree looking out for the dog, I happened to look back to where the bird had been sitting just a while ago, curious as to whether it had something to do with the supernatural or if it was just merely coincidental; the whole situation had just been weird. Looking back at the tree, however, I was met by a boy whom was standing right next to the tree. A bit startled by its sudden apparition, I stared at him to see if it was someone I knew or recognized. He was wearing worn-out leather boots, a beige plaid shirt, and dark-colored pants. I was unable to recognize his face, however, as it was covered by a big cowboy sort of hat. A thing that remains so vivid in mind was the steeled bucket that was sitting beside him and a very long stick that he was holding on his left hand. At that time, for some reason, I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just looked towards the direction in which the barking sounds were coming from when I started to realize what I had seen just a few seconds ago. Now more alert, I quickly turned back and sure enough, the farmer boy that I had seen just a few seconds ago was gone. No trace of him could be seen and it seemed impossible for him to have left so rapidly. Confused, I asked Dani whether she had seen the boy who was there earlier, and I just remember how she looked at me puzzled. I was certain about what I had just seen, and quickly went to inspect the area in which I had seen him. There was no evidence that someone had been there. Soon enough, Dani and I decided to go back. Once we got back to my grandma’s house, I anxiously went to tell everyone of what I had just experienced. To my surprise, everyone was very understanding of my story and just as I finished my story, many of my relatives started to say their version of also seeing the farmer boy around the farm.

Such an incident made me realize that maybe some of the ghost stories that my relatives have told were not completely fictional. It sure enough changed my perspective of whether ghosts are real or not, and even though the first two incidents, with the finch and dog, could’ve been completely coincidental, I do believe that the farmer boy I saw next to the tree was a sort of spirit. To this day I can’t find any possible explanation as to how he could’ve arrived or left where I saw him appear.

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