My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership; a word that can be described as being a source of power and control or a way to guide and change. What exactly is leadership? One immediately thinks that it means someone who should be followed or imitated. What is leadership? According to it is defined as the capacity to lead. The definition doesn’t have a weight on its meaning, though mankind does. This paper will dive into the what we deem as “good leadership” and “bad leadership”.

Does having the capacity to lead mean you should be in a leadership position?

That is a question that can be left for debate. Good leadership, in my opinion, is only effective with great followers. Leadership is all about creating and solving problems; leadership empowers, leadership is adaptive, leadership is most of all, an ability. Anyone who puts forth the effort and commitment can be a leader. But it’s not just about believing you are a leader, it’s also about who you are becoming and if someone is following that person you are becoming.

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I consider myself as a leader, and that all starts with confidence. Leaders first and foremost set a high standard for themselves.

The higher the standard you set, the more people would want to follow you and get to where you are getting. It’s just showing more of their willingness to follow the leader’s example. The best way to show yourself as a leader is to build and gain others respect.

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Without gaining respect first, it’s hard to set the right example. People should follow the leader, and in order to do that leaders must demonstrate the attitude or behavior they want people to follow. As for skills, being able to communicate clearly is a crucial leadership skill.

Communication involves attentively listening, with the appropriate responses. Communication also includes making yourself clear of what you want or need, asking smart questions, giving your best input, and making sure you know what you said and how you said it. It is commonly said that “the best leaders communicate to inspire and energize.” To be a good leader, being able to make all types of decisions in a timely manner, even with a limited amount of information is critical. When I face a difficult decision, I start by determining my goal. With leadership, you must consider the possible consequences of your decision and the alternatives if necessary. You should take responsibility and go ahead and follow through.

The more you do that, the more respect will be earned, and I know that from experience. Inspiring leaders are made by recognizing their achievements; being often. I think what helped me become an effective leader is when people valued my work and achievements. To continue my greatness, it was good for me to know what I was doing was being appreciated. The reassurance was also a major key, it pushed me to do and continue to be better. Research shows that if you find some ways to celebrate achievements of yourself even others it’s shown to boost a person to know they’ve done a good job. As well as boosting morale, it will also strengthen and motivate a person to continue giving their all in what they do.

I’m almost finished with my Associates degree and many of the classes I took throughout these two years involved teamwork. Each time something involves teamwork, I try my best to step up as the leader; that’s just how I am. It’s also how we all should be. Stepping up allowed me to develop all the skills I talked about above, it also broadened my communication skills. I would do things like keep my group in contact by keeping the group chats up to date, I would also make sure we plan ahead to finish a project before a deadline so there would be no last-minute worries.

Another smart thing I do is assign teammates tasks to people based on their interests and strengths. Hopefully, I can continue my leadership in my next degree. As you can see, I think that I have many great leadership skills. To be the best leader you must provide motivation, passion, excitement and meaning to your team or whoever you are trying to lead. Challenging people with high expectations is a must.

Encouraging is a must, pushing is a must. To determine your future leaders, you must give your time and dedication to their priorities and also their strengths. Getting to know them and letting them know their value and self-worth will too help motivate them in the best way possible. Finally, as an effective leader, I would personally just encourage people to grow with a positive attitude filled with goals and challenges.

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