My Journey That Fills The Spirit

“So many things have happened, so much has changed …”. When I chose to leave my parent’s homestead, where farming was my main hobby, I was certain that my cultivating years were finished, and what’s to come would have been loaded up with new surprises. I distinctively can review how troublesome it is to be twenty years of age wanting to go to France and to learn as much as one can on such a beautiful place. I say this because, sixty years back, I was this individual.

April 27th is when I went ahead and really set foot into my journey, 1060 I woke up grinning and prepared to begin my new experience; much to my dismay that it was the start of the most horrible years in France, our home. As one chapter was ending another was on its way.

My journey began with me taking every single one of my assets, and with tears all over, I bid a fond farewell to my folks and that excellent town of Venasque.

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My goodbye to all that I had known for a long time was upon me, I realized that it was the last time in the town of Venasque and my heart sunk to the my feet. When I touched base in Paris it was a ravishing radiant day; my entire body was shaking from fervor and my eyes couldn’t trust how excellent this place was. I proceeded to welcome each and every worker around the local area with a pleasant ‘Bonjour’ and strolled specifically to my new home, another land that I had right to.

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This land was given to me as a reward for my tremendous hard works, and faithfulness. I didn’t just secure my master’s property; however I likewise made a trip ever so often when I had time to London to gather whatever he required from outside terrains. Everything was fine, exactly how I envisioned it to be, I was enjoying living somewhere new and having a different routine; I dressed as a Knight, and individuals regarded me for whom I was. Ever so soften I thought of my family and what they would have to say about the way I changed my standards of living around. It was me who now had leadership and had farmers working for me. However, that old saying “you can lose it all as fast it came” always rang in my head, as a remainder to stay humble at all times.

I must admit, Sammy boy, not all things went how I arranged or envisioned it. A mob of men from Normandy that were referred to as the Normans, driven by Duke William II were granted with bit of grounds in the north of France as appreciation for not assaulting Paris. The Normans were ruinous and forceful, our kin were frightened and continually harmed. While the Normans were leading in France, I continued venturing out to London and jeopardizing my life. In 1065 after the demise of King Edward, England needed to pick another lord. I was there the night that Harald Godwinson was chosen as the new lord of England. I couldn’t see how it occurred, most workers and rulers believed that Edward’s last wishes were to make William of Normandy, his successor.

At last, those were just gossipy tidbits. I even heard once somebody was stating ‘I will eat my skin before a professional killer manages this land.’ after one year, on a cool evening of October, I was coming back from my excursion to London, where I gathered letters for the ruler. My master was joyfully sitting tight for me at the passageway of the town and stated: ‘this will be your last outing of the year to London, we were educated that no French men or ladies should cross the outskirt after the fourteenth.’ He left immediately, riding his pony as quick as possible. It was not until October sixteenth that we the Vassals were educated that Duke William of Normandy attacked England with French warriors, slaughtering and overcoming Harald and his officers in Hastings. I scarcely felt my legs; my head was a tempest loaded up with inquiries and musings. What might have occurred in the event that I remained in England for one more week? Would I had been bolted? A long time have cruised by, despite everything I ponder.

On Christmas day of 1066, William was delegated William I of England. After that day, England and its kingdom changed and William I was known as a contender, a soldier who had killed and tormented every one of his opponents to get power. My days exploring and getting a charge out of each one of those wonderful scenes were gone, my fantasies had broken apart, and my adventure had reached an end. I don’t lament leaving the place where I grew up, and I can’t reveal to you that you will dependably be cheerful on the grounds that not all things will be simple. Yet, on the off chance that your heart really accepts and you are eager to forfeit your own life for the experience, do it and compose everything down. Those encounters will be the ones that fill your spirit when you get more established.

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