My Job at Burger King in Northborough

I hate my job, but it is definitely better than my old oneю When I dropped out of college the first time, I got a job at Burger King on West Boylston Street. After I had been fired there over a misunderstanding, I got a job at Burger King in Nonhborought while both stores are Burger King stores, they are run by different franchises, so some of their procedures are different. Many of the tasks are the same at both stores, as well as the sandwiches.

I had to get used to some of the changes, particularly the size of the crew at any given time any job is considered a good job, and even though there are positives and negatives to everyone, some jobs are just better than others.

At my first job, I learned all of the procedures one way, but when I changed stores, some things were a little bit different. While health code things all needed to be universal, the preparation of other things, like sundaes, was not quite what I was used to.

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One store had fudge on both the top and bottom of the ice cream, but the other store had it only on the top. In my first store, I had gotten to know where all of the equipment was. The new store had everything in different places because it was a smaller store, and a newer layout with newer appliances. Of all the things that are different, I think the computer system switch was the most difficult I had only just gotten used to how the Sicom registers worked, then I ended up on a Micros system.

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They did the same things, but in different ways, Switching stores was not the easiest, but I’ve taught myself all the new procedures over time.  Since both the new store and the old store are Burger Kings, most things need to be the same so that people can go to a fast food place and have basically the same menu I started as a cook at the first store, so I knew how all the sandwiches were made, and what was on them when I came to the new store. On a headset, I didn’t have to change my questions at all, because I was supposed to ask all the same things, and one more question, at my new stores.

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